Convoy L6 XHP70, The 5000k, 3800 lumen beast! Flashlight Review


Time for the Convoy L6!! Another review light from GearBest! First of all, thanks to GearBest for providing this light. This light is many firsts for me – my first 26650 light, my first dual-cell light, my first real “wall-of-light” light, my first large reflector light…. So I’m excited! As a result of all these firsts, please forgive omissions and whatnot. I’ll do my best.

Convoy L6 3800LM Cree XHP70 N4 5000K Official Specs:

Convoy L6
Host Black / integrated head
Mode low 50mA – mid 200mA – high 1700mA – turbo 5000mA (Typical current)
Switch 125V 10A forward switch in tail controls on/off; side switch controls the mode
Reflector OP & Aluminum Alloy, maximum diameter 67.8mm, hight 48.2mm
LED CREE XHP70 soldered on 20mm copper plate, the maximum flux is more than 3800lm
Waterproof level IPX8
Battery L6 runs on 2pcs 26650 batteries; battery is not included
Head diameter 75mm
Outer diameter of battery tube 35mm
Inner diameter of the battery tube 27mm
Flashlight length 255mm
Light weight 550g
Packaging weight 761g (battery not included)
Emitter Choices Color Temperature
N2 3A 5000K
N2 5A 4000K
N2 7C 3000K
N4 1C 6000K
N4 2A 5700K

(Double click side switch —-> strobe)

This section contains the manufacturer’s descriptions and claims, not my impressions or results.

Convoy L6 Review:

Key Features

  • 3800 lumens
  • Quality build
  • Dual switch
  • Momentary with memory

What’s Included

  • Flashlight
  • Tactical ring / Flush ring (you pick which one is installed)
  • box
  • foam

1 - DzmPyYa.jpg

9 - hspHRcO.jpg

10 - aOrelwf.jpg

5 - N2XzUnJ.jpg

(Seriously it’s a pretty sparse package! but that’s ok).

21 - 3vW4FC8.jpg


Might as well get right to it, so as always, here are all my pictures of this light, etc. Here you go! All the pictures below are reused from this album. There are a few beam shots in here just so you can see the profile and tint (comparatively) but really, beamshots are not my specialty at all, so take them for what they’re worth. (My specialty is using a lot of words to say very little. Inherited from my mother-in-law).


Convoy as a brand is affordable quality. I couldn’t name a brand that marries the two better. This light is at least typical Convoy quality, probably even slightly better. I do not see a single flaw throughout the light. The threads are nicely square cut – even the threads you aren’t likely to have to use very often. And where there should be grease, there’s the right amount of grease. The driver is held in place with a screwed-in brass ring (unlike some of my other Convoy’s, which have been soldered in).


There is no manual! I grew up driving one so, I like manuals. Wait a minute… Anyway, I’m kind of disappointed, but I guess that’s one place to cut costs? er…. Basically all you really need from a manual is the UI, which is easy enough to figure out. Please see the UI section below.


The L6 requires two protected cells. It’s made for 2×26650, but will also work with 2×18650 (the product description doesn’t mention that, but it does work.) Both 26650 and 18650 are nominal 3.7V, so all you’re affecting by using 18650s is runtime. The driver needs all that voltage to operate, so unlike the Convoy L2, the battery tube in the L6 will only work with two cells. I’d love to be able to use this with one cell just to have more options, but that’d need a different driver.

There is reported to be low voltage protection. That is not something I tested.

Note about the battery, from Simon (the maker of the light)

Notice that Convoy L6 must run on 2pcs protected 26650 batteries which can withstand more than 6A current.I recommend protected keeppower 26650 5200mAH battery. (length of battery can not be more than 70mm . Pls use new version protected keeppower 26650,its length is 69mm)

Here I have used the King Kong 26650 4000 mAh – ICR26650 Protected Button Top Battery, which is rated for 8A constant draw. But they’re also 69.75mm long and they’re quite tight, and the spring on the tailcap is [scratching (gouging, even) the terminal of one battery pretty badly].

UI and Operation

The L6 is a two button light. The tail switch is for on/off (and momentary) and the side switch selects mode while on. Four regular modes can be selected with a fifth (strobe) available. It’s pretty simple, and is very intuitive. Click the light on (tail button) and then select the mode with the side switch. While on, double click the side switch to access strobe.

While off, side switch does nothing and end switch turns light on to last used mode (soft press for momentary).
While momentary, side switch changes modes (really like this!!)
While on, side switch cycles L>M>H>Turbo, “momentary” does nothing, and end switch turns light off.
Double tap the side switch while light is on for strobe.

So far as I can tell, there’s nothing preventing me from leaving this light on turbo from now til whenever. The output sags a little (per readings I took but aren’t worth posting here). But running this on turbo for more than [not long] is ill-advised. Turbo gets this light hotlike wasabi when I bust rhymes, it’s big like Leanne Rimes. I left it on Turbo for somewhere around 10 minutes and it was hot all the way down to the tailcap. On high for the whole time it’s taken me to write this paragraph, the head is warm but that’s all. It could probably stay on High til the LVP kicked in.

LED and Beam

Cree XHP70 is in the L6. XHP means “Extreme High-Power”, so named for great lumen density. The XHP70 is a big emitter, at 7mm x 7mm. For reference the XHP35 in the Acebeam K70 throw king is 3.45mm x 3.45mm. The XHP70 amounts to for emitters placed together into one unit. Thus, this L6 emitter is 4x the size of the throw king. That the XHP70 itself is (basically) four smaller emitters causes a divided “cross” pattern. Because of that, Convoy uses an Orange Peel reflector, which helps prevent artifacts in the beam at close range. The OP reflector coupled with the very large emitter means that this isn’t a thrower – the light is floody. There’s so much light and the reflector does work well enough that you’ll see light thrown far away, but it is still not a throwy light.

6 - VXhyclr.jpg

7 - tK6J3lz.jpg

8 - ErvyC0u.jpg

As stated, I have the 5000k version – so warmish, but hopefully not too warm. I find the tint immediately pleasing – it’s a great warm tint and colors have great saturation. Makes my XintD c8 (XP-G2 S4) seem VERY cool. Makes my Astrolux S41 seem kind of green. It’s slightly yellower than my BLF-348. I love the BLF-348 – between the two I’d pick the tint on the 348. But if they aren’t side by side, I think I’d take the tint of the L6 over most other things I can think of. And truly, it’s probably the high CRI that I like about the 348.

The beam shape is pretty broad with a diffuse hotspost. It’s a wall of light. It’s absolutely fantastic, for example, for lighting a room, while tailstanding (as I am doing right now). A pure thrower like the C8 (though clearly a smaller light with a smaller output) doesn’t light a room like the L6 (even with the L6 on High). The C8 has an extremely tight hotspot which though lower lumens overall, my eyeball-o-meter tells me that the hotspot is actually considerably more intense than the L6. I would love to have a Convoy L2 beside this L6 to compare!!

I love to do this. So rewarding.

25 - hOMy4yt.jpg


The light has two sets of holes for a lanyard, but a lanyard is not supplied. There’s no other way to carry it per se, than in your hand. There are secondary products that would work (shoulder sling, belt loop to drop it in, etc). It should also fit on a gun mount – and the tactical ring supports this. I’d be keen to know (and recommend you checking) how much clearance the gun mount would have, to be sure the head of the light didn’t interfere with the pathway of the projectile. By my math, the mount would need to be 20mm “tall” for the head of the light to clear the mount-point to the gun.

12 - zC11NyN.jpg

Do head and tail-standing go here? Sure why not. This light of course headstands, and has crenelations which allow a nice amount of spill under the light. And it’ll tailstand too but it IS top heavy and likes to topple over…. Not that I did that…. Nice dual holes for the lanyard mean an attached lanyard will not bother tailstanding (like on the XintD C8, which just has one hole.)

13 - aQZzOsk.jpg

Build and Disassembly

As stated in the “Quality” section, the build of this light is impeccable. The light can be disassembled and would be easy to swap emitter. I’m not sure how the side switch would play into changing the driver, but that could make things harder. I do believe hosts will be available soon. Here’s the driver – notice that the spring is already bypassed! Nice touch right there. The tailspring is bypassed int he same manner, and also held in by a brass ring which can be unscrewed just like the one you see in the head.

16 - 8cB2Z5K.jpg

36 - x83oMEk.jpg

Here’s all the parts that are unscrewable without special tools. Here’s the battery tube – it’s not really smooth in there and I really have no idea why. Or maybe it’s because this aluminum is probably drawn into a tube, and that’s what it looks like when that happens? idk. doesn’t affect performance either way.

14 - IvysEUF.jpg

19 - 65A1eNR.jpg

The flat surfaces of either end of the tube are unanodized, and here you can get some idea of the thickness of the wall. I’d put it at about 1.5mm.

20 - xi3uOXL.jpg

The tailcap clicky is a mechanical switch – that means you can screw the tailcap onto the light and the light can be in an on or off state depending on the state of the button.

11 - sAvtIi2.jpg


Basically a big light. Reaaalllly don’t think that surprises anyone at this point. 255mm long and 35mm (tube)/ 75mm (head) wide. No complaints, just fine size for what it is. It’s slightly too big for me to EDC /s.

Maybe you have some other lights? Probably some of these. Maybe you’d like to compare them to the L6 to see how it’d fit on the bill of your cap, or your back pocket? Or just vs the smallest light I own, the Streamlight Nano (which I do not like one bit!).

23 - R623QpN.jpg

22 - dHbnZYU.jpg


Please forgive these beamshots – I have made an attempt before but it’s never panned out to anything useful. I have done beam shots of two lights here for your comparison. The L6, and the XintD C8. I’ve tried to match the white balance to what I see with my eyes.

Convoy L6 (5000k) @ [0.3s, f/8, ISO 100]
XintD C8 XP-G2 S4 @ [0.3s, f/8, ISO 100]
Astrolux S41 [0.3s, f/8, ISO 100]
(all at the same settings)

And here’s just a spill tint difference offhand comparison. Not that these two would have the closest matching tints, but it’s just the two I did together….

33 - 30pDr35.jpg


  • The battery tube is reversible (and it does work either way), but is not equally treated (proper head side has no anodizing on threads; tail end does).
  • It’s not for throw, no matter how much it looks like it should be.

18 - M6Bj1YI.jpg

17 - YZmWmq0.jpg



  • Wall of light
  • Great mode spacing
  • Love the dual switch in this application
  • Build quality
  • Cell options (2×26650 or (2×18650 – no adapter needed as cells are held snugly)
  • Host option will be available soon!
  • 5000k tint is fantastic.


  • First impulse, you’ll think you are going to light up the moon with this light, but that’s really not what it’s for.
  • If you’re like me and room in your front pockets is at a minimum, it’ll be hard to pocket carry.
  • Mode Memory – only a slight con in this case. I normally don’t care for memory but it ok for this application.
  • No manual
  • No spare o-rings

Final Thoughts

I wholeheartedly recommend this light. It’s superbly built, comparatively affordable, and does exactly what it needs to do!

Coupon Codes

I don’t actually have any coupon code for you this time, but corresponding to this review there’s a flash sale going on at GearBest for this light. Click here! Originally the flash price was $47.xx but now it’s up a couple dollars to $49.59 – still a great price!

Furthermore, look at this giveaway – which includes the L6.

Those are two great ways to get (or win) a Convoy L6. Thanks again to Kathy and GearBest for making this review possible!

Parting Shot

It’s been real!

24 - wWDg1Om.jpg

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