JETBeam JET – I MK Flashlight Review


Second double-A light for review. Two AA’s in a row!! Kathy at GearBest sent me this light for review, and it’s right up my alley! Let’s see how it reviews.

JETBeam JET – I MK Official Specs:

  1. Small size, convenient for everyday carry, special design for hiking, camping, fixing, and emergency use
  2. Three bright model with memory function, max output to 480 lumen
  3. Max beam distance to 130 meters, max 4200cd
  4. Effective power management circuit, max working time to 100 hours
  5. Battery revised protection function
  6. Waterproof levels to IPX8 (under water 2 meters)
  7. 1 meter impact resistant
LED Cree XP-G2
Max output 480 lumen
Glass Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass
Body material aircraft alluminium alloy
Surface anodise militarty hard III anodise
Battery 1 units AA battery

The above section contains the manufacturer’s descriptions and claims, not my impressions or results.

JETBeam JET – I MK Short Review:

Everything an AA twisty should be! Great features, especially for this (low) price range.

JETBeam JET – I MK Long Review:

Key Features

What’s Included

  • JET-1 MK Flashlight
  • Spare O-Ring
  • User manual
  • Lanyard

19 - 24MAhVR.jpg


Here’s the album except for the beamshots, which are here. Enjoy, and I hope they’re helpful!

Quality, Build and Disassembly

A very well build light, especially considering the price. The light has a spring on just the tail-end, and an unsprung brass button on the head. Still batteries are held securely length-wise, and only very minimal side rattle. The square-cut anodized threads are very smooth and come well lubed.

13 - k3jP2Ds.jpg

3 - r4UTVbg.jpg

14 - PH8WjB8.jpg

12 - N0XnxWF.jpg

18 - YOFU9l0.jpg

Package and Manual

The package is just an easy-open blister pack, with a GearBest sticker on the back. Easy to open and very useful – I prefer cardboard for ease of recycling, though. But this would be good for store displays and such.

15 - DFBJUQt.jpg

17 - 35GIQ6m.jpg

The manual is one long glossy sheet of paper, with English on one side and Chinese on the other.


Just like the Klarus Mi7 I just reviewed, the JETBeam JET – I MK works with AA and 14500. I wasn’t able to find a “working voltage” listing, but the manual states “3.7V Li-ion” is “Usable”. Ni-MH gets a “Recommended” status, though. But Ni-MH, Alkaline, Lithium primary, and Li-Ion all work.

High with an AA is only rated at 150 lumens, however. A 14500 is required to hit the rated 480 lumens.

User Interface and Operation

Twist for on. This has the “good” kind of twisty – it’s not ramping: It requires that you twist the light off to change modes. I have never had a ramping UI that I liked, particularly the quantum tunneling variety. This kind is just fine for me, provided the threads stay clean and well lubed.

The knurling on the head also provides great grip for one hand operation.

2 - nJSqQHf.jpg

The way I read the manual, the light is supposed to revert to Low after… [doesn’t say!]. That’s what I’d want – I never want to get high unless I mean to… er wait a second… anyway. I want to trust a light, and not have to remember what I left it on. But this light seems to – even after long delays – come on in the previous mode (or even in the next higher mode). Either way, I’ve found it frustrating, and that’s really my single complaint with the light.

LED and Beam

The emitter is a Cree XP-G2. Works very well in this little light, and coupled with the smooth reflector gives a nicely shaped beam (see below).

9 - ojpmtLf.jpg


Runtime Graph on high, with an Eneloop AA, and an EVVA 14500 (thank you /u/tebeve!!). Output is relative, based on the meter I used – the AA read a starting value of 4118, while the 14500 starting value was 13216. Conditions were the same so I took those as comparable values (and to the eye, it did look that significantly different). So while the 14500 is much brighter, it also lasts much less time.

25 - 5nTia1U.jpg

This suggests that the light is regulated with an AA, and unregulated with the 14500. Which is to say, that with a 14500, the light becomes basically a direct drive light. Thanks to /u/parametrek for that info!


Flashlight 0.3s, f/8, ISO 100, CWB 5000k
Klarus Mi7
BLF-348 AB
Manker E14 
Astrolux S41 
Convoy L6 (5000k)
XintD C8 XP-G2 S4

All beamshots are at the same settings in practically the same conditions. Some of these are beamshots used in previous reviews: I have included them here just for reference.


Comes with pocket clip installed, but easily removable. Comes with a lanyard in the package. Comes with a tripod screw threads on the tail end. I love that feature… I have a little gorillapod; those will be great for use together! It’s not a magnet, but it’s still quite versatile. (In some cases, maybe even better than a magnet!) Here you can see where the pocket clip attaches – just on the tail end. (No emitter-up option.)

6 - 6OZ6MU4.jpg

4 - 7Va3nyh.jpg

24 - xJGFwXC.jpg

10 - 3H07KjU.jpg

The lanyard holes are very easy to access – the “fins” of the tripod screw threads allow such. The holes are also big and serve to get the lanyard installed very easily.

1 - iOJIi9f.jpg

And even though the flat tail area is small, the light will tailstand.

5 - TZx24Ty.jpg


Rated at 19.5mm x 83.2mm, and that’s what I measured too. I like the size for an AA light. A great length, and the girth is about right too. If you happen to see some pro-product images that are out there, be aware that these are not to scale! 🙄 I am not sure why they chose to do that but it’d be nice if the AA was to scale, like this right here.

8 - A0xl7Xx.jpg

Here’s the light on a dollar bill, for a good sense of scale.

21 - AMTr5kr.jpg

Random Comparisons….

Tint comparison vs BLF-348.

22 - z6tygrH.jpg

Nothing else right now!


Great AA flashlight with multiple ways to carry and use. One of the highest quality most useful, sub $15 lights I have seen.


  • Tripod Screw mount!
  • The good kind of twisty UI
  • Good runtimes with an AA
  • Respectable output with AA
  • Very nice pocket clip

23 - fIoL1kk.jpg

Cons and Conundrums

  • No strobe
  • No magnet

Final Thoughts

I really like this light, and I’m glad I have it in my arsenal. It looks nice, and the performance on commonly available AA batteries is great. The UI is to my tastes, and it rides very comfortably in a pants pocket. I recommend this one!

Coupon Codes

GearBest gave me a coupon code that makes this already-inexpensive light, even less expensive! Completely worth it for this great little package.

Coupon Code: RJETI Price: $12.89, link to light: Jetbeam JET – I MK

Parting Shot

Just a few lights.

16 - LOpTKrJ.jpg

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