Eagle Eye X7 Flashlight Review


The other Eagle Eye light I reviewed recently (the X2R) reviewed well, so GearBest opted to send me another from that brand. This time it’s a bigger light with a bigger cell and reflector – it’s a 26650, XPL HI light. Well I like XPL HI, so I was game!

(And also my second X7 in a row…..)

Coupon Code

One code works on all three versions of this light: X7GB.
The prices are as follows: XP-L HI 3A, $18.59. XP-L HI 1A, $17.95. XM-L2 U3 1A, $16.03.

# Eagle Eye X7 Official Specs:

Eagle Eye X6 26650 LED Flashlight
The Eagle Eye X7 is a blindingly bright flashlight that boasts an incredible 1100 Lumens output. The X7 utilizes Cree XPL HI 1A / 3A or XM-L2 U3 1A LED and delivers five optional modes, all of which make it excellent for search, rescue and outdoor activities.

Main Features:

  • Cree XPL HI 1A / 3A or XM-L2 U3 1A LED
  • Max 1100LM output, 5 modes: turbo 2.8A – high 1.2A – mid 0.2A – low 0.01A
  • 6000 – 6500K ( 1A ) / 5200 – 5500K ( 3A )
  • White light is of high brightness, neutral white light is close to daylight, ensuring the users to identify and recognize the target accurately
  • Instant strobe
  • Double click at any mode to enter Strobe
  • Memory function
  • Turn off the flashlight for more than 2s, turn on again for previous mode
  • Low-voltage warning
  • When battery voltage drops down to 3V, the light flashes to inform users
  • Aircraft aluminum alloy / HAIII military grade hard-anodized / toughened glass lens / constant current circuit / reverse polarity protection

Caution: the Eagle Eye X7 can not run on batteries with protection board.

Short Review:

Great light, and can’t be beat for the price. Very comfortable to use, and well constructed.

Long Review:

What’s Included

Eagle Eye X7

01 - paCNmLe.jpg


Here are some pictures, just for you! Also an album of beamshots at the usual settings (0.3″, ISO100, f8, 5000k). Enjoy!

Package and Manual

The package is a cardboard box, which seems typical from Eagle Eye (it’s the same packaging as the X2R was.

11 - mtsmTho.jpg

It’s a nice package but not tremendously protective. The light arrived safely though, so that’s all I expect out of the package. There’s a GearBest sticker, and the emitter style is hand written on the box. I always find that neat for whatever reason. Someone some where hand wrote that emitter info on this very light, just for me. Makes the world seem smaller. Maybe I’m just getting old.

Anyway, there’s no manual either. Eagle Eye doesn’t have a website (that I can find [or read]) but the light is fairly simple.

Build Quality, Durability, and Disassembly

I’m satisfied with the build quality of this light. Especially after considering the price – I’m surprised a light this high quality can be made at this price. That’s the same thing I thought about the X2R as well, so Eagle Eye gets a thumbs up from me. It even has nicely lubed square cut threads!

10 - o1p6eqw.jpg

With the stainless bezel and nice anodizing throughout, I expect great durability from this light. To wit: my usage of this light didn’t mar it at all. Granted I’m gentle but being shuffled around in a bag and what not didn’t mar the light in any way.

The head

06 - rwd5imy.jpg

is easy to disassemble

13 - PCpkle1.jpg

(from the topside), and I expect the tail clicky will unscrew very easily, though I didn’t have a spanner so I didn’t try.


GearBest says (L x W x H): 13.70 x 4.10 x 4.10 cm / 5.39 x 1.61 x 1.61 inches. It’s a slender 26650 light – maybe long – but it is a tail clicky. Hard to fault the size in any dimension, truly. The head could probably stand to be bigger for better thermal handling, but that’s minor. Anyway otherwise I love the headshape. People in lesser other forums turned against the head almost immediately. It works, and it’s a comfortable -to-hold light.

Here’s the X7 compared to a few other lights you may know and love. BTU PK26, X7, Manker E14, Olight S1.

04 - Xf4sBFV.jpg


There’s a couple of sets of lanyard holes. But no lanyard is included. There’s no spot for a pocket clip, and there’s nothing else included. So, generally you’re meant to hand hold, or bag this baby.


Powered by a single 26650 (and an 18650 would work too). The description states “no protected cells”. As you can see I was able to use the light with a protected Keeppower IMR.

14 - LLsLTkT.jpg

I’m not sure what the technical details are of using one or the other, but I expect the cell I use isn’t high drain enough, and so my throw results, and my runtime results are probably skewed. The lack of a proper manual doesn’t really allow me to firmly answer these questions. Furthermore, at the finish of the runtime, the cell voltage was 2.78V. Which means likely that the cell protection kicked in. We know that the light has only soft voltage protection, not LVP, so we can expect the light to run without shutting off – and it seems to do just that.

This isn’t a problem. The EE X7 alerts a user to low cell voltage (this can be seen in the runtime graph below), then drops to very low output until the cell protection kicks in. As long as a user is aware of the soft protection, then they can prepare. Some people prefer this, in fact.

For what it’s worth, this protected Keeppower just baaaaarely fit.

07 - XUnjCPM.jpg

User Interface and Operation

There’s one mechanical reverse clicky tail switch. It clicks loudly, and is about the size of a dime. The tailcap on this light doesn’t actually unscrew… the switch is surrounded by a piece that screws in,

12 - 09f9yNb.jpg

and that’s how the switch is accessed. (This means that the X7 is a two piece light – the cell compartment is not a separate open-ended tube.)

05 - C1ZvGGV.jpg

There are no tricks here with this reverse clicky. Click the light on, click it off. Clicking it on and off will advance the modes, and half pressing it will advance modes too. Double half-pressing will enter strobe.

Really, basically just like most reverse clickys.

LED and Beam

The emitter is one of my (still) favorites, the CREE XPL-HI. There’s a smooth semi-deep reflector,

08 - MfQ2Eep.jpg

which is plenty broad for great throw. And it does just that: Throws well. There’s a pretty big cone of very dim spill, but most of the beam is directed intensely.

15 - 7ox70aD.jpg

I’d like to say amongst all these other green tint lights I’ve had lately the tint on this X7 is great. Compared to my BLF-348 which is very rosy, it doesn’t look great. But XPL-HI 3A is a great tint for me.

Beamshots, Runtime, and Lux Measurements

Here’s the runtime

02 - KEYk9ZL.png

with my Keeppower 5200mAh (protected) 26650. The light is stated to not work with protected cells, but this one clearly works. I’m not sure if I’m hitting the high turbos with this cell, so really take this runtime as more of a discussion on how the driver works than anything else.

Eagle Eye X7
Emitter Cree XP-L HI
Emitter Notes
Cell 26650
Runtime 26650
Chargetime 26650
Beamshots [0.3″, f/8, ISO 100, 5000k] 26650
Claimed Lumens (lm) 1100
Lux (Measured) 13110
At (m) 1.72
Candela (Calculated) in cd 38874.87
Throw (Calculated) (m) 394.33
Throw (Claimed) (m) 100-200

Random Comparisons and Competitive Options….

The BTU PK26 is a light I have in hand right now and compares nicely. The PK26 is not as comfortable in hand, and the X7 (of course) throws much better. Here’s their heads side by side.

09 - rwTqUDC.jpg

Probably a better comparison is the Feni FD40, which has the same emitter and cell size. That’s really all I could find…. and that light has an adjustable focus, which means it’s an optic and not a [proper] reflector, so this X7 will almost necessarily throw better.


What I like

  • Price
  • In-Hand feel
  • Love me some XPL-HI
  • Tint is fantastic

What I don’t like

  • Don’t care for mechanical reverse clickys in general, this is no different
  • Mode spacing is kludgy

Final Thoughts

I think this is a great light, and it can hardly be beat for the price. I like Eagle Eye and I look forward to all the things they are working on now. Definitely a brand to watch (and support!).

Coupon Code

One code works on all three versions of this light: X7GB.
The prices are as follows: XP-L HI 3A, $18.59. XP-L HI 1A, $17.95. XM-L2 U3 1A, $16.03.

Parting Shot

Pumpkin season.

03 - yVv8bWS.jpg


This light was provided by GearBest for review, and the links herein are affiliate links.

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