JETBeam Jet-II Pro Flashlight Review


Marshall at Going Gear sent me this JetBEAM Jet-II Pro for review. I happen to love CR123a lights (maybe my favorite category, truthfully), so I was excited to receive this. Special thanks to Going Gear for sending these my way! Thanks u/storl!

Official Specs:

Unfortunately JetBEAM’s webiste is down at the time of writing.

Main Features:

  • CNC machined aluminum alloy construction, compact and convenient
  • Cree XP-L HI LED with max output of 510 Lumens
  • 4 brightness levels for different situations and runtime demands
  • Instant access to High, Ultra Low, and Strobe modes
  • Convenient smart and timing mode
  • Lock-out function to prevent accidental activation
  • Reversible stainless steel ring for either normal protection or self-defense
  • High efficiency alloy reflector optimized to achieve perfect throw and flood
  • IPX-8 waterproof standard suitable for used in various environment

Output & Runtime

Mode Output (lm) Runtime (h)
High 510 0.75
Mid 100 1.5
Low 5 3
Ultra Low 0.5 150
Strobe 510 1


There are quite a few versions of this light, but they all have XPL-HI and are essentially the same light in varying bodies.

There is an aluminum version (as you see here) and three titanium versions – a titanium gray, a purple green, and a green yellow version. UI is the same on all models. I’ll have a titanium version for a photo session soon, so look for that.

Short Review:

I’ve said it over and over locally and on the internet: I feel like I like this light way more than I “should.” It looks like it’d be kitschy or a “flashy” design but it’s truly a functional master piece, and I’ve absolutely loved it.

Long Review:

What’s Included

  • JetBEAM Jet-II Pro
  • Alternate (non-strike) bezel
  • Manual/Warranty/CoA card
  • Lanyard
  • Spare O-ring

01 - 0CaTra4.jpg


Here are some photos. I maybe got a little carried away, because I like this light. And some beamshots, with the normal settings (0.3″ ISO100 f8 5000K).

Package and Manual

Just like the other JetBEAM I reviewed a while back, this light is in an easy-open blister package, great for a hanging store display. It’s nice and easy to open, but largely not recyclable, which is unfortunate. The package shows off the goods though, so you can see what you’re getting! The back is fairly non-descript.

25 - WD2lWW7.jpg

26 - boF4g23.jpg

The manual is also typical JetBEAM. A long page with all the info in English on one side, and non-English on the other. It’s is fairly descriptive and well written. Warranty card too.

28 - lYBvR3e.jpg

27 - QcfU2pe.jpg

Build Quality, Durability, and Disassembly

This little JetBEAM is impeccably built. Everything is smooth, the threads are anodized, well lubed and square and feel firm (ie, quality). The bezel – both strike and smooth – are stainless and the part they screw on to is stainless as well. So the threads there are even better than elsewhere! They’re so smooth that I often play with this light just by screwing/unscrewing the bezel. It’s so smooth it can almost be spun snug with one quick flick. This aggressive ‘spike bezel’ can be flipped around to a smooth side. Here’s a head on view of the spike bezel with the flat side forward.

19 - fR0YpIt.jpg

Also provided is a separate completely smooth screw on bezel.

20 - fWodZpl.jpg

And honestly, you could probably run this thing with no extra bezel at all if you wanted.

16 - Zw80yJ8.jpg

The tailcap has a nice thick spring, but there’s no magnet under there.

06 - jHPIRLw.jpg

The driver side of the light has a brass button for great electrical contact.

11 - IMlbP1k.jpg

07 - PaaKT5f.jpg

08 - cegeGfc.jpg

This strike bezel is quite aggressive though.

09 - 7RoVGTg.jpg

Mmm quite.

03 - N65NTvF.jpg

Neat little bonus is the three slots in the tailcap

15 - Pr8nCtf.jpg

made for [lanyard attachment or] tritium vials! I think it’s the 6mm variety that’ll fit here. Otherwise the tailcap is tailcappy.

04 - QFJ66ie.jpg

The Jet-II Pro is also quite durable – I’ve carried this light for about a month now and it still looks and works great.

Surprisingly the head comes right off too. Possibly that’s unsurprising… anyway I was surprised. Of course it’s a different metal, and a slightly different size (head is bigger) but still they fit so snugly. But the head unscrews, and has an o-ring or two in there to seal everything properly. So the emitter is accessible but even so the side switch would have to be dealt with to get the mcpcb out for an emitter swap.


The Jet-II Pro is a single CR123A or 16340, so as expected it’s a small light. It’s by no means the smallest 16340 light on the market. It’s not even as small as the Olight S1 (but smaller than the Manker E14), which has been out-smalled by the Olight S1 Mini!

22 - PKDKNFX.jpg

Having said that, it’s a fantastic carry size, and practically disappears clipped to my pocket. In fact I’ve carried other review lights at the same time as this one because this Jet-II Pro is small enough to not interfere. Olight S1, Jet-II Pro, Manker E14.

23 - G334Fz4.jpg


The options are clip or lanyard.

21 - iTBpGXY.jpg

The lanyard attaches to holes in the tailcap. But even if you chose to use the lanyard, you’d probably want to leave the clip attached: The clip connects as a ring that is put on before the tailcap.

10 - UvjOh9A.jpg

Here’s a cap-off look.

05 - KKAgfhw.jpg

Without the clip installed, there’s a gap that seems a little too large for me – maybe it’s environment-sealed, maybe it isn’t…. The clip is a nice size and shape, and is different from all those ‘standard’ clips on so many lights now.

12 - oUH1RMy.jpg

On the body side of that tailcap/body connection is a tiny notch on both sides of the light, into which the clip slots.

13 - ImoFHvE.jpg

If you don’t install the clip the right way, the tailcap will not screw down completely. At first I found this frustrating and fiddly but quickly got used to it. This also means that you’re screwing the tailcap against a bit of tension in the clip. I could never get great purchase on the tailcap, and wish it had a bit of knurling on the around side. That would help this whole clip setup tremendously.

There are no other retention options, and the clip is not reversible.

One thing I did like about the clip fitting in two ways is that it became a great beacon for me to know where the switch is. If I grab the light and the clip is here in my hands, there’s only two places the switch can be. And the clip is 90 degrees from either of them. I really liked that aspect of the clip’s specificity!


A single cell powers this light, and that can be a CR123a or a 16340. I used a 16340 from Keeppower – the 700mAh protected button top. That’s what all the runtime test below are run with.

User Interface and Operation

There’s a single metal side switch on this tiny light.

15 - Pr8nCtf.jpg

I like all that… that’s basically my ideal switch. The metal switch is even flat and textured (concentric rings), which makes it easily identifiable vs the similarly-shaped circle on the opposite side. They’re different enough that I rarely if ever got them confused.

This single switch packs a ridiculously complex punch, and impressed me in a way that only one other light has.

As far as operating the light goes, the very first thing that must be mentioned is that it seems to me, upon inserting a cell, the light enters lockout mode. So you essentially have to initialize the light upon placing a cell inside. This is no big deal but I don’t *love* that aspect. I’d also like to know what the design logic was behind that.

UI Table

State Action Result
Off Click On
Off Double Click Moonlight
Off Triple Click Strobe
Off Hold* Lockout
On Click Off
On Double Click High
On Hold Mode cycle**
On Click*4 3 minute timer
3 minute timer Click*4 9 minute timer
Lockout Hold Unlocked
Lockout Double Click Moonlight***
Lockout Triple Click Strobe***

* hold until the light flashes to indicate lockout
** Modes cycle H>M>L
*** That’s right, these modes work while the light is locked out!!!

LED and Beam

This small light utilizes a Cree XPL-HI

19 - fR0YpIt.jpg

I wasn’t able to find the tint info for this XPL-HI, but it’s a fine one. Of course that means it’s dedomed, and of course dedomed emitters typically mean more throw. I doubt anyone would buy this as a thrower, but it does its role well. The reflector is lightly textured, leading to a smooth beam profile. It’s also more intense than I really expect a light this size to be.

18 - sROy1LE.jpg

I always compare every beam to my venerable BLF-348. Here again is that comparison but the camera doesn’t capture that right… the JetBEAM is nowhere near that green. It’s a nicely colored tint. (The JetBEAM is on Low in this photo.)


Beamshots, Runtime, and Lux Measurements

Here’s the runtime graph:

02 - FwDpjjN.png

I did all of these tests with a 700mAh Keeppower protected button top 16340.

I found these termination voltages: 3.4V, 3.3V. I read reports that this light either doesn’t have protection, or has protection that cuts off very low, but 3.4V seems plenty high for me.

JETBeam Jet-II Pro
Emitter Cree XP-L HI
Emitter Notes
Cell 16340
Runtime 16340
Chargetime 16340
Beamshots [0.3″, f/8, ISO 100, 5000k] 16340
Claimed Lumens (lm) 510
Lux (Measured) 2020
At (m) 1.88
Candela (Calculated) in cd 7139.49
Throw (Calculated) (m) 168.99
Throw (Claimed) (m) 138

Random Comparisons and Competitive Options….

There are two similar lights, and they both differ from the Jet-II Pro in that they offer on board charging. The Klarus RS16 is has charging and a magnet, but is much bigger, and more expensive (and also ugly!). The Fenix RC09Ti is a small light with XPL HI which also has onboard charging. A very nice looking light, and the Ti is cheaper than the Jet-II Pro Ti. I would prefer the size of the JetBEAM, however (the Fenix is fairly longer). Of course there’s the “Mk” version of this light as well – a twisty cr123a light. I have that one and will be giving it a look before too long.


What I like

  • Moonlight and strobe work in lockout
  • Tritium slots!
  • Stainless Bezel (three options are included!)
  • Great clicky metal button
  • Size is good
  • Two timers

What I don’t like

  • The clip has two orientations and that makes the tailcap hard to tighten
  • Mode memory
  • No magnet (but, the trit slots kind of preclude a magnet anyway)

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love this light. I don’t even know when I’ve been this excited about a light. I love carrying it and I love using it. If you’re interested in checking it out, head over to Going Gear and see it there. Check out the cool package deals.

Parting Shot

Honestly things got kinda Kooky during this photo shoot.

24 - ukqosr1.jpg


  • This light was provided by Going Gear.  I was not paid to write this review.

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