Addendum to my Review of the JETBeam Jet-II Pro, here are pics of the purple titanium version.

Here’s a whole album of pics of this cool little light.  And here’s a gallery!

The review of the aluminum/ss version stands for this light as well, with these few differences.

  1. The tailcap is completely different on the outside. It has four ‘fins’ instead of three. That’s to facilitate putting tritium tubes into the slots in the flat part of the tailcap. So trits can be slid in holes, into the opening to where they can be seen. It’s still my opinion that tritium tubes could be put in the “fins” so you could have a total of 8 tubes in the titanium version. But it’s definitely made for 4 tubes at a minimum.
  2. The bezel and bezel receiving threads are titanium in this version, and not stainless like on the aluminum version.

Everything else looks the same! And the guts are the same too.

This titanium version has a great feel and looks absolutely fantastic in person. If you read the other review, you’ll know that I loved that light.

Interesting sidenote, the flat (non-strike) bezel on this version could easily pass for a [wedding] ring, and it’d make a great one. It’d be about a size 9.5 or 10. Just sayin……[whistles as he’s walking away.]

Special thanks to GearBest sending me this light for review! Don’t forget about the group buy!

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