Niwalker MM25MB “Monster Bright” Can Light Flashlight Review


Marshall at Going Gear sent me this Niwalker MM25MB for review (and probably, to put beside the Olight X7 I (reviewed recently). I like fun lights, and I’m glad to look at this light from a brand I’m completely unfamiliar with. Special thanks to Going Gear for sending these my way! Thanks u/storl! Use the coupon code “Reddit” at Going Gear for 10% off.

21 - bOu1B51.jpg

Official Specs:

  • Utilizes 3 U.S. made Cree X HP70 LED chip.
  • Maximum output up to 7600 lumens.
  • Working voltage 12.1-16.8V.
  • Light orange peel reflector creates great throw distance and beam pattern.
  • Aircraft grade aluminum, mil-spec hard anodized for maximum wear.
  • Toughened ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-re?ective coating.
  • Large cooper heat sink pad for superior thermal conductivity.
  • Uses four 18650 batteries for extended period runtime.
  • Low voltage warning to alert user to recharge batteries in time.
  • 300 Meters throw
  • 22500 cd
  • IPX-8 and 1.5m drop resist.
Mode Output (lm) Runtime (h)
L1 36 350
L2 148 50
L3 1127 7
L4 2700 2.5
L5 7600 2


Just this one version! I believe there is an older similar light by Niwalker, possibly with MT-G2 emitters.

Short Review:

This is a great, simple can light, that works great, and has a ton of output! The green indicator switch is a particular favorite of mine.

Long Review:

What’s Included

  • Niwalker MM25MB
  • Nylon holster
  • Manual

08 - I1sQ8Zb.jpg


Got a bunch of photos of this beast here for you. A few beamshots, too (including some outdoor shots). Runtime here too.

Package and Manual

This great can light comes in a cardboard box with no tape or any other business to keep you out.

09 - 3EUaD4A.jpg

I love it. My favorite kind of package. 🙂 Once inside, you’ll find just a few things: the light inside a sturdy holster, and the manual.

19 - Bv8XNPl.jpg

The manual is concise and good at conveying the necessary information.

23 - AC1nrkd.jpg

Build Quality and Disassembly

The MM25MB feels great in hand and the build quality is good. The anodizing feels adequately thick and the knurling is plenty grippy (without being sharp).

The tailcap of course unscrews, because that’s how the battery is changed.

11 - Rlkd6pc.jpg

The bezel is a bit “recessed” such that it can’t be gripped with a hand or strap wrench to unscrew. But it looks to be threaded, so a spanner (or whatever this tool is called) would unscrew it easily. The threads for the body are nicely lubed, anodized, and square cut.

10 - To6A3A8.jpg

There’s a clear o-ring between the body and the head (of course) and I found that the o-ring liked to wander a bit, and will occasionally get a little into the threads, where it gets macerated. Note that there’s no replacement included. I will say that after many uses, it hasn’t gotten worse, so maybe it was just one bad threading event that caused this issue.

The spring on the head side of the light is thick, and a very nice double spring, too.

16 - eqQn5b1.jpg

The cage for the cells that fits in the tail side of the light is very nice – it’s non-directional, which makes installing it very easy.


This “can” light is 129.56 mm long and 52 mm in body diameter, with the head wider at 64 mm. The weight is quoted as 390g (without battery). For reference a soda can is appx 122mm tall and 54mm around. Interestingly the weight of this light without cells is about the same as a full can of soda. The size is great – in hand the side switch falls right to where one’s thumb is.

Maybe you’d like to see how it stacks up in size to the Olight X7 I recently reviewed? I can do that with a few shots.

22 - 8xJt9ms.jpg

24 - MWMLVOJ.jpg

Here are the emitters and reflectors.

17 - PMhezJK.jpg

They stack up nicely!

13 - RBy2vcb.jpg


As stated in the “what this light comes with” you’d know – the only included option for carrying this light is the holster.

15 - VXyzr2Y.jpg

It has a nice belt mount but it doesn’t protect the head or tail of the light. It also doesn’t have any closure or cover. But it’s a nice snug fit, and I find it very unlikely that the light will accidentally eject from this holster. The holster is formed, and not collapsible (or particularly soft).


The MM25MB requires four 18650 cells. It likes high drain cells, too. I am using four purple Efest 3500mAh “20A” married cells. I always charge these together, and only use them in lights together. The cells live in a nice little battery holder that is non-directional.

14 - SUqbeCL.jpg

That’s super convenient because it’s one less thing to think about. The ends aren’t exactly the same but it’s just looks – the ends are electrically the same.

05 - PcWPKvR.jpg

You can see that the cells fit in this holder opposite each other. Working voltage of 12-16V means these cells are in a 4S pattern.

12 - Q4ArPir.jpg

Here’s the runtime:

02 - r9vX5XF.png

User Interface and Operation

When the light is on, so is the green button.

01 - Wvlgxeb.jpg

Honestly that green emitter button

06 - ZMHmfPG.jpg

is quite bright, particularly on the low modes. I really like it thought, and it’s only kind of “too” bright on the lowest mode.

UI Table

State Action Result
Off Click L1*
Off Hold Momentary L5
Off Double Click Fast Strobe
On Click (<1 second from last click) Cycle modes L1-L5
On Click (>1 second from last click) Off
On Double click Hidden Modes 1 (SOS)
Hidden Mode Double Click Hidden mode cycle (SOS/Beacon**)
Hidden Mode Click Off

* L1 (lowest), L5 (highest)
** I could not get Beacon to work on my sample

LED and Beam

This MiniMax Monster Bright Niwalker

08 - I1sQ8Zb.jpg

utilizes three Cree XHP70 emitters.

07 - 8QJNDPs.jpg

The orange peel reflector for each of the three emitters is there to break up the artifacts caused by the pattern in the emitter – the cross pattern. Overall the beam is very smooth and the MM25MB is quite bright. Just like the many other similar lights in this category, it’s completely flood – that’s important.

Compared to my BLF-348, the MM25MB might look a little green but it’s not terribly so.

The tints here are much closer in person than the photo shows.

Beamshots, Runtime, and Lux Measurements

Upon termination, the cells were at the following voltages: 3.11, 3.14, 3.13, 3.12V. I didn’t see in the manual or any of my other reading that this light has low voltage protection, but it does seem to. The cells I used aren’t protected (and the protection would have cut off much lower than 3.1V anyway), so this is a nice bonus (or downside if you’re one of the people who doesn’t like LVP, I suppose. There are tens of you out there. Tens!!).

Niwalker MM25MB
Emitter Cree XHP70
Emitter Notes Triple
Cell 18650*4
Runtime 18650*4
Beamshots [0.3″, f/8, ISO 100, 5000k] 18650*4
Claimed Lumens (lm) 7600
Lux (Measured) 2700
At (m) 2.62
Candela (Calculated) in cd 18533.88
Throw (Calculated) (m) 272.2783869
Throw (Claimed) (m) 300

Random Comparisons and Competitive Options….

If you’ve read this far I’m sure you came into this post with a grasp of the competition. The recently reviewed Olight X7 Marauder stacks up very nicely as seen in the pics. The outputs are similar too. Overall it’d probably come down to which light you prefer the UI of. Unfortunately for me I like a mix of these two UI’s so it might come down to build quality. In that case the X7 gets the edge, though both lights are good. Then there’s the new Manker MK34 (which is more like the Meteor than it is like the X7). The point is, that there are options. The Meteor is a special category light, with the 219b option, but the MM25MB, like the X7, should be visibly brighter.


What I like

  • Size
  • Green Button
  • Cell holder being non-directional
  • High is really bright!
  • Holster is nice

What I don’t like

  • It’s very floody. I just really rarely have a need for such flood.
  • Holster is open

Final Thoughts

I thank Going Gear for sending this light to me for review! Pick it up here.

Parting Shot

Strangely this light is about the same size as a little Tupperware pitcher

18 - i5VaYvI.jpg

we have around the house. It also fits inside.

20 - BRVb0X9.jpg

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