Panasonic Unprotected NCR18650B from GearBest Quick Review

This is a shorter post and not a review of the cells themselves so much as it is a commentary on getting them from GearBest.

We all know that there are issues shipping Li-ion cells into the USA. GearBest has a huge selection of 18650s, but the shipping issue has prevented us from ordering cells there lately.

Well GearBest has a bunch of cells in a US warehouse now, and I got my hands on some of the Panasonic NCR18650B.

Here’s an album.

The NCR18650B should be a 3400 mAh cell. I tested each of these 4 cells using my Opus BTC-100 analyzing charger, and found the following:

Cell Tested Capacity (mAh) Internal Resistance (mR)
1 3222 72
2 3236 70
3 3241 58
4 3285 67

These numbers meet my requirements for a cell being “at capacity” (even though they’re ~150 mAh “short”). This is normal to my knowledge.

The internal resistance is also within the norm for my cells. (It’s also reported that the Opus reports mR a little high.)

So these cells seem to me to be genuine Panasonic NCR18650B’s.

They are in stock and shipping from the GearBest US warehouse.

GearBest NCR18650B. So if you really want some cells and want GearBest prices, see if the cell you want is in stock at one of the US warehouses.

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