Convoy L6: A Merry Christmas Flashlight Review!


So here’s the thing. I practically begged Kathy at to send me this Convoy L6 in clear. The internals are the same, …. basically everything about it is the same as with the matte black I reviewed here.

But Kathy was kind enough to oblige, and I received the Clear L6 just the other day. Instead of just rewriting the old review (which is basically unchanged), I’ll link you the photo album, and make a few notes on just a couple of differences. I’ll leave out the headings from the original review, which are unchanged.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Addendum Review:

For most of the info, like I said above, please see the original review.


Photos, and some indoor beamshots.

Package and Manual

The package on the Clear version is the same, but the contents are much more robust in the clear vs the black I had. The clear includes an extra switch mechanism, two boots (one for each switch), a lanyard, two spare o-rings, and a tactical ring.

Build Quality, Disassembly, and Durability

These three items are all the same as before, except for the obvious one: finish.

Man. MAN o man this finish is just spectacular. I like it MUCH more than the black finish, which in my experience (with the Convoy C8, not the L6), doesn’t last all that well on sharp corners and such. This is actually a finish of some sort, though what is still being decided…. It’s not just bare aluminum. But wow is it great to handle and use!!

The clear C8 has the same finish for what it’s worth. It’s an absolutely great finish, and very smooth to the touch.

The buttons on the Clear L6 are also white/translucent. But they are not lit buttons. Maybe they could be, but they do not come that way stock. Still it’s a nice touch, and worth noting.


(On the right above in the tint comparison shot, is the BLF-348.)


With Black L6

Final Thoughts

I really love the finish on this light. And if I’m being 100% honest I find something like the L6 fairly more practical than the can lights that are so popular right now.

Seriously I can’t say enough about the finish on this light.


  • Thanks to GearBest for providing this light at my request!!

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