Convoy C8 Clear Flashlight Review


Today I have a short review (more “photo session”) of the Convoy C8 clear. You may have seen my similar post about the Clear L6.

I was interested in this C8 because of two reasons: 1) the clear is just awesome. 2) the new UI should be much, much better. So, here’s an update on my original C8 review, mainly discussing those two differences.

Thanks to for sending this light at my request, for review.


I do have a coupon, but it’s not going to be worth much to you at the moment. The light is out of stock at GearBest. When it comes back in stock, I’ll update you with a new (and better) coupon for this light. Coupon: GBLED2016 Price: $27.81. (expired)


There are three tint variations on this Clear C8.

XPL HI V2-1A 6500-7000K (coolest)
XPL HI U6-3A 5000-5200K
XPL HI U3-7A 3000-3300k (warmest)

And of course, the matte black versions.

Short Review:

Same great Simon C8 quality light, and the finish and better UI make this version worth the extra ¢.

Long Review:

Note that the long review is largely the same as my original review of the “New C8.” Anything noted in the sections below is different enough to warrant comment.


Here are a bunch of glamour shots of this beautiful light! And I even did a runtime, this time.

Build Quality, Disassembly, and Durability

Of course, the build quality on this C8 is exceptional. The difference in this C8 and others is the clear finish. I can’t say it’s anno, but it definitely has a coating of something. It’s not matte finished like the black C8’s, and it’s clearly not bare aluminum. But it’s great. Simon describes it as “clear oxidation.”


Another difference here is that the Clear version has a clear rubber switch cover. It’s not lit, but if you decided to make it lit, this boot would work. It’s a nice touch and rounds out the package well.

Here are some photos of the C8 broken down:

User Interface and Operation

There’s just one switch on the C8, a tail reverse clicky.

There are simply too many possibilities for me to list the UI in a table as I usually do. Here is Simon’s flow chart for the UI.


Basically there’s almost certainly a UI for this light, included with this light that you can settle on. Changing the mode groups was not easy at first for me but with some help (thanks u/emarkd), I can confirm that this light has the updated UI as pictured here (but unlike what’s currently on the site at GearBest).

Here are the mode group options. Below I’ll describe how to change between them. Aside from these mode groups, the light itself has the option to have mode memory, or no mode memory.


(Asterisk indicates mode group 1 is the default.)

With the light on, quickly tap (not click) the switch so many times the light stops coming on (10 or so).

When you’ve completely the above, stop pressing. The light will immediately flash brightly, and then “buzz” (flash a lower level very fast. Then it will flash brightly twice and buzz again. These two groups are the option to set mode group and set mode memory on or off, respectively.

Press (clicking works too) the switch during buzz 1. (If you opt to “click” to enter mode group selection, when you turn the light back on you’ll be in mode group selection). This enters mode group selection. The light will flash brightly and count up mode groups. Ie, flash once for group 1, flash twice for group two, etc. Once the light begins flashing the mode group you’re interested in, turn the light off. Your mode is now selected.

Now do the above again and click during the second buzz to turn mode memory on or off. I’ll be honest, I got mode memory turned on and now I can’t get it turned off, so I’m not sure how to say this works.

The truth about all these settings is that it’s hard to get them right. You’ll probably select the mode grouping and memory once and then forget it. One reason it’s hard is that after the firmware was written, some of the components were changed, making the speed of the programming parts be “too fast”. This makes it extra difficult.

The UI should also allow a long soft press to go back to the first output level. I have at least one light that does work this way, but I can’t get this C8 to work this way. I’m disappointed: that’s one of my favorite features of some of my lights!

A note about usage, and the runtime: The C8 isn’t temperature regulated. You can see it went up to 65°C – that’s not a trivial temperature!! Be aware of it, and I don’t recommend running this light at 100% for extended periods.

Beamshots, Runtime, and Lux Measurements

I won’t add my table to this post, but I’ll include lights that are similar (ish). Noteworthy is that the throw does seem improved on this version over the black version I reviewed months ago.

Brand Convoy
Model C8 Clear
Emitter Cree XP-L HI
Emitter Notes V2 1A
Cell 18650
Runtime 18650
Beamshots [0.3″, f/8, ISO 100, 5000k] 18650
Claimed Lumens (lm) 993
Lux (Measured) 3940
At (m) 4.249
Candela (Calculated) in cd 71132.76
Throw (Calculated) (m) 533.41
Throw (Claimed) (m)

Bonus shots!

Basically just vs the black C8, and also some various other lights and things.

Final Thoughts

I like the finish enough on this one and the L6 that I would recommend them regardless. I’d want to keep the light at default UI anyway, so difficulty programming poses no issue for me, but bear it in mind.


  • Thanks to GearBest for supplying this light at my request. I really wanted to see it side by side the black version, and as with the L6, they obliged.
  • If someone can enlighten me on how to get through the UI issues I faced, I’ll be glad to update this review.

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