Klarus XT1C Tactical Flashlight Review


Thanks to GearBest for another review light, this time a Klarus XT1C.

This one I did a group buy for (and that price is still in effect!), and when I set it up I asked Kathy to please send one along for review. She did, and here’s the review!


I do have a coupon and a great price, but unfortunately it’s not a public coupon. PM me or ask in the comments and I’ll send it to you. It’s quite a compelling coupon.

Official Specs and Features

• All New upgraded edition. Compact design; superb functionality; industry leading patented features
• Newest CREE XP-L HI V3 LED; 700 Lumen output, light beam reaches over 210 meters;
• Easy Interface: One-Touch Strobe; One-Touch High; One-Touch Low; ITS temperature control; SOS; Quick mode change
• Compact and light (Bezel 25.2mm(0.99″) (D),Body 23.2mm (0.91″)(D),Length 85mm(3.35″), Weight 47.5g(1.76oz),w/o battery
• Patented Dual-Switch Control; One-hand tactile control, an evolution of flashlight UI
• Two Interfaces: Tactical Setting; Outdoor Setting
◇ Tactical Setting: Classic KLARUS XT series control. One-Touch High; One-Touch Strobe; versatile in all tasks
◇ Outdoor Setting: Specially designed for the wilderness. One-Touch Low; One-Touch High; SOS; suitable for all needs in Hiking and Camping
• ITS temperature control, real time monitor and auto-adjust output levels to keep LED and crucial component safe for the best balance of performance and equipment safety
• Constant Current Circuit driven, no flashes and no PWM blinking
• Springs at bezel and tail resist shock and drop damages
• Reverse Polarity Protection; eliminates damage from incorrect battery install
• Aero-space Aluminum alloy body with CNC technology; Military spec hard anodizing (HA III); lightweight and robust
• Monolith bezel design for efficient heat dissipation
• Hardened Mineral Glass lens with AR coating; scratch resistant

• Utilizes CREE XP-L HI V3 LED with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
• Classic Tactical Setting as factory default
• Working voltage: 2.0V-4.2V
• Compatible Batteries: 1x 16340 battery or 1 x CR123A battery
• Reflector: Smooth reflector
• Switch type: Dual Tactical Tail Switch
• Dimension: (Head)25.2mm(0.99″) × (Body)23.2mm(0.91″) × (Length) 85mm(3.35″)
• Net weight: 47.5 g(1.67oz) (Excluding battery)
• Material: Aero-space Aluminum alloy 6061-T6; Military spec hard anodizing (HA III)
• Waterproof: IPX-8 (underwater 2 metres)
• Lens: Toughened ultra-clear glass with anti-corrosion AR coating


Output (lm) Runtime
High 700 50m
Medium 100 3h
Low 5 53h
Strobe 700 1h40m
SOS 100 9h


Just one version! This is an update to the older version though (also named the XT1C). So be sure which you’re buying when you buy!

Short Review

I love this light for it’s “Outdoor” mode (the non-tactical group), because I love the momentary access to Low. It’s also a sturdy light, and the size is very good.

Long Review

What’s Included

  • Klarus XT1C
  • Klarus 16340 700mAh
  • Spare o-ring
  • Lanyard


Here are the photos, and beamshots, and a runtime.

Package and Manual

This XT1C comes in a plastic package, much like what Olight uses so often.

02 - vEaJJxU.jpg

There’s a lot of text describing the light and it’s features etc, which GearBest covers with their sticker.

03 - MjkNeCL.jpg

The light is held in a plastic tray, and the accessories are in a tiny box at the bottom of the package. The manual is one long fold out affair.

“XT” by the way, stands for “eXtreme Tactical”. Yes, yes it does.

Build Quality, Disassembly, and Durability

I have been quite pleased with the build quality of this light, though I should have expected it. All my other Klarus lights have been great; this one is too. The knurling is of the “pineapple”

08 - swZ9nwM.jpg

variety (like the Mecarmy PT16, but less rounded). The switches are “protected” by some tailcap parts, which also allow for tailstanding. The threads are not anodized, but are big and square cut. I like anodized threads – I think they’re harder to damage by careless threading. But these are beefy enough that I never really felt like I was about to damage them. The clip is a spring clip, and is the ‘new standard’ – though in this case it’s decidedly not my favorite. The quality is fine, though. There are springs on both ends: the head has a gold (colored?) spring, and the tailcap has a thick double spring. For a tactical light, this seems like a must.

10 - 1bT2Bw7.jpg

Bad news as far as disassembly goes, however. I don’t see much access to either end of the light. The driver looks to be press fit. So if you aren’t in love with XP-L HI, then there might be better options out there. The tailcap does look to unscrew, but I was not able to unscrew it. It’s feasible that the head will also unscrew from the driver, but again, I wasn’t able to budge that.

This light held up to my normal every day set of abuses just fine. All the switches actuate very well, and nothing ‘gave’ even a little.


As I measured:

Head: 23mm
Tail: 23.69mm
Length: 84.86mm

It’s not the smallest 16340 light available, but as a tactical light (ie, dual switch), it’s a good size. There’s definitely not enough room for an 18350. For holding in one’s hand the way you see people hold a light when also holding a gun, this length light is almost necessary. So it’s impossible to deduct any points whatsoever for the length.

11 - 1YTEyNM.jpg

12 - qEIa50V.jpg

13 - nMOkH5l.jpg

14 - zyb5tGd.jpg

15 - MWgWedx.jpg


The pocket clip comes installed, and is the ubiquitous spring clip.

07 - OSvyBn3.jpg

Nothing special, and nothing bad about the clip itself. I do not care for it’s location on the body, unfortunately. It is too central, not allowing for good deep carry. It’s generally bezel up, too, though it can be reversed (and then is even higher in the pocket!). I haven’t had it tip out and get lost.

There’s a simple lanyard. The kind that doesn’t have a bunch of extra bits, and isn’t easily broken. The lanyard connects on the tailcap, though it could also connect through a hole in the pocket clip if you wished.

06 - Z9GNUzq.jpg


Power is through a single 16340 cell, and a 700mAh 16340 is generously provided! CR123A’s will work of course. 18350’s will not fit, as the tube is just big enough for 16340 cells. There is no on-board charging. I believe this is a protected cell, but I don’t see that verbiage on the cell or documentation.

I have to say, the inclusion of a 16340 is a very nice touch, especially on a light that doesn’t have on-board charging.

Runtime cutoffs: 2.54V for High, and 2.85V for Medium.

17 - pXr5b3B.png

User Interface and Operation

There are two tailswitches – one with a rubber boot, and one with a rubber boot and a paddle switch. The non-paddle is the “power” switch, and the paddle switch is the “mode” switch.

04 - tK9yBPN.jpg

There are also two mode groups on this light. The first (and default) is the “Tactical” setting. The other is an “Outdoor” setting.

Tactical Group:

State Action Result
Off Primary Click High
Off Mode Momentary Strobe
Off Mode Hold Strobe (constant)
On Primary Click Off
On Mode Click Mode cycle (H>M>L)
On Mode Hold Strobe (constant)

Outdoor Group:

State Action Result
Off Primary Click High
Off Mode Momentary Low
Off Mode Hold Low (constant)
On Primary Click Off
On Mode Click Mode cycle (L>M>H)
On Mode Hold SOS (constant)

To switch between the mode groups:

  1. Have the light on.
  2. Hold the primary button (light will go off- keep holding), for 5 seconds.
  3. Light will flicker very fast: Click Mode and light will flash 1 (for Tactical) or 2 (for Outdoor).
  4. Release after desired mode flash.

Notes: SOS only accessible in Outdoor mode.

LED and Beam

The LED is a single Cree XP-L HI V3.

09 - 4XQEipn.jpg

I find it to be a cool XP-L HI, and I’m normally a huge fan of this emitter…. In a tactical light, I don’t think CW is any huge surprise, but I’d still like it to lean toward neutral, since it has the outdoor modes.

The reflector is not too big or deep, but given the size of the light (marginally big for a 16340), there’s plenty of reflector. It’s also a smooth reflector, so the beam is tightly concentrated – there’s a distinct hotspot. The beam is also very smooth – no artifacts to speak of.

I didn’t throw this on my Oscope, but I’m fairly sure I can detect some PWM on the low mode. I’m extremely sensitive to PWM, so I really doubt most people would ever notice it.

Beamshots, Runtime, and Lux Measurements

Brand Klarus
Model XT1C
Emitter Cree XP-L HI
Emitter Notes V3
Runtime 16340
Beamshots [0.3″, f/8, ISO 100, 5000k] 16340
Claimed Lumens (lm) 700
Lux (Measured) 650
At (m) 3.876
Candela (Calculated) in cd 9765.19
Throw (Calculated) (m) 197.64
Throw (Claimed) (m) 210

Random Comparisons and Competitive Options….

As far as my searches go, this is the only tail switch XP-L HI 16340 light. It’s also unique in that it’s the only 16340 light with a paddle switch (that I could find, at least). There are some other “tactical” 16340 lights, however, like the Thrunite Archer 1c V2. That just has a tail clicky (no paddle).


I typically have no huge need for a tactical light, but I like this one for the dual tail switch. I’d like it even more if it wasn’t CW, particularly for outdoor applications, but it’s still a fine little light. For tactical purposes, it’s a great size – fitting neatly in hand and allowing ease-of-access to the switches.

What I like

  • Dual Switch
  • Momentary paddle switch (particularly Low)
  • Versatile UI, including two mode groups

What I don’t like

  • Pocket clip
  • Cool White tint

Final Thoughts

This is a fun little light. I don’t even need tactical lights, but I happen to really like dual tail switches. That’s new, really – I didn’t used to care for them. But I like the versatility, and I find the modes to be quite easy to more or less just guess without having to commit the UI to memory. That’s a great feature.


I have a great coupon for this light, but it’s only available through PM. So, PM me for the coupon and price if you’re interested!

Parting shot:

16 - oMihBlZ.jpg


Thanks again to GearBest for providing the light, and the great group buy price!!

2 thoughts on “Klarus XT1C Tactical Flashlight Review

  1. Greetings ZeroAir,

    I’m requesting a coupon thank you, but the only xt1c is out of stock on GearBest. Really want to get this light for self defence use, flash and dash. I love your website, especially the run time graphs. My first LED flashlight that I purchased was the WOWTAC BSS V3, going off your review and some others. It failed on me after the light was on low brightness for less than a minute. I’m waiting on the wowtac refund from Amazon so I can purchase this light and so hopefully this light is reliable. Or some more reliable 16340, CR123A and 18650 light recommendations, will be appreciated. I noticed that most flashlight reviewers were donated lights and that WOWTAC issue got me wondering if there was some bias in selecting out of certain production runs only the better quality flash lights.
    Long term usage reviews would probably be very helpful.
    I’ve noticed that certain reviewers on some light forums would include different brightness modes in their run time graphs. Not sure if testing the other modes are worth it as they look consistent. High brightness modes have drastic step downs and testing the second brightest mode for consistency would be helpful.
    I saw a new Convoy C8+ desert tan in the Convoy AliExpress store. I hope that you are able to receive one soon to review. I was planning to purchase the C8, but then the C8+ appeared in the store haha at the same price too.

    Many thanks, Lyking.


    1. Glad you like the Xt1c review! Sorry it’s out of stock at Gearbest. It probably will stay out of stock- this review is over a year old and that light might be replaced (not sure!).

      I thought the Wowtac BSS V3 was good and didn’t have any troubles with it. Sorry yours failed! No I don’t really think manufacturers or stores hand pick review units (I’ve had many review units fail!)

      Long term reviews of these lights would definitely be helpful. I don’t necessarily keep all these lights, so I won’t be the one to do those reviews.

      I don’t test other mode runtimes for a number of reasons. The primary one is that long medium/low modes really skew the Turbo mode graph. Having turbo in it’s own graph allows the whole mode to be seen and understood better. Yes I could separate them out, I just do not want to. Seems like more clutter and little benefit

      I too have seen the new C8+ (and the new S2+ colors, and also a solid copper version!). I don’t know if I’ll get any of those? New C8+ looks nice.

      Thanks for your comment!

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