Lumintop Prince Mini Flashlight Review


I’d eyeballed the Lumintop Prince many times, but never pulled the trigger. GearBest asked if I’d like to test a Prince Mini, and so I jumped at the chance. I love carbon fiber!

 01 - WPL0a6O.jpg

Official Specs and Features


  • Utilizes the latest Cree XP-L HD LED with 50,000-hour lifetime
  • Output mode/Run-time: High: 500~120 lumens/1 min+2.5 hours, Mid: 72 lumens/4 hours, Low: 12 Lumens/17 hours
  • 3 modes: Low(Default)- Mid-High. Press the tail switch to change modes
  • Boasts a peak beam intensity of 2260cd and a throw distance of up to 95 meters
  • High-efficiency circuit auto-regulated by temperature and run time
  • Light body is made from premium carbon fiber that is lightweight yet rugged, resistant to corrosion, wear and high temperature
  • Special cutting technology is employed to shape an array of three-dimensioned small cubes on the tail part, forming a fantastic touch and an eye-catching look
  • Optimized ultra-precise reflector offers a long beam distance
  • Double-side AR coated, tempered window resists impact and thermal shock, maximizes light transmission (99% light transmittance)
  • Multi-Function, bit tail clicky switch provides one-handed operation and easy access to all functions
  • The metallic tail switch featuring anti-abrasion allows stand up securely on a flat surface to serve as a candle.
  • Equipped with quality clip and flannelette bag, Prince Mini can be fixed on the belt and easy to carry around
  • Small and shallow reflector is adopted to strengthen floodlighting and expand the illumination range
  • Impact resistance to 1.5 meters and waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 (submersible to 2 meters)
  • Market applications include, but are not limited to everyday carry, collection, gift, outdoor activities, emergency, security, hardware/tool and many other uses
  • Operation: Press the tail switch to change the modes, cycling Low-Mid-High.


The Prince (the 18650 version of this light) came in a number of trim combos, but this Prince Mini (for now?) comes only in this one version as seen here.

Short Review

Though it’s marketed for ladies, I find this to be a very nice gentleman’s light, in all the ways people ever mean anything is a gentleman’s anything. It’s classy, so to speak; the carbon fiber and copper accents make it very attractive.

Long Review:

What’s Included

  • Lumintop Prince Mini
  • Crushed velvet draw-string pouch
  • Spare o-rings
  • Soft silicone glow cap
  • Manual

06 - ANNcpM6.jpg

19 - qFkrEUb.jpg


Here are the photos, and beamshots, and a runtime.

Package and Manual

The cardboard box seems to be the (surprising?) way that “nicer” flashlights get presented lately. Zebralight’s always done it. Maybe all Lumintops are done this way? This is my first Lumintop, however. The box is cardboard with no reliefs to allow grasping – it’s one of those “hold it by the corners and let it slide apart” boxes. Inside is the Prince Mini held in place by some thick foam, with the other bits in a smaller box at the bottom. It’s a nice package, and seems suited to this light.

02 - IADKLC3.jpg

04 - 01KROyW.jpg

05 - flvLzUg.jpg

Funny story about the manual…. There really isn’t a manual. Or more to the point, the manual is whatever information is included on the back of the box.

03 - UCxQfYD.jpg

It’s not verbose but it does include the flashlight specs, and the operation guide, and Lumintop’s contact information and the like. I don’t dislike this type of manual specifically but if you like to throw out packaging, be mindful that you’ll be throwing out your manual too.

Build Quality, Disassembly, and Durability

The Prince Mini

07 - xIeAIuJ.jpg

is a very sleek light. The carbon fiber accent is probably the most noticeable feature, and it’s quite striking. The carbon fiber has a weave of … something….

11 - KuylWmg.jpg

which is a nice accent. I’m not typically a gold-colored accessory guy, but the carbon fiber in the Mini looks nice. There’s also a heat dissipation ring lensward of the carbon fiber. The graphics look to call this copper, but I’m fairly sure it’s brass,

15 - 714L9Sd.jpg

and there’s a lot of other brass on the head and tail. That said, the body tube is clearly made of copper – the copper being covered by the carbon fiber.

This is a quite nice light, to hold and look at and play with. It’s well built. The threads

22 - LpQ6TeK.jpg

on the copper cell tube are short, and the tube can be installed either direction. I’d love to be able to pull off the carbon fiber section, but I believe it may be glued down.

The head

21 - rjqiIhe.jpg

employs physical reverse polarity protection – a ring

16 - EayeIq7.jpg

will prevent electrical contact if a cell is placed the wrong-way-round.

The tailcap can be disassembled – it’s held together by a brass retaining ring. The pocket clip too, may be unscrewed easily with an Hex driver. It seems that the head might unscrew – the brass ring unscrewing from the lens/reflector housing, but I think it’d require a strap wrench or some wrench hands. (And this would be a good move, since the light would benefit from a better emitter).


The AA Prince Mini

20 - YxZSfzh.jpg

seems rather large for it’s cell size, but that’s likely because of it’s dramatic heft. It’s a stainless steel head and tail, and a copper body – it’s going to have some weight!! All in all it’s probably a touch too long for what it is, but it’s lack of knurling makes it very comfortable to carry.

The rated size of 90mm x 18.6mm is right about what I measured, too.

27 - HU35Syu.jpg

24 - tn4V0XM.jpg

Vs 18650

25 - GqV0cvh.jpg

26 - qxS8QIK.jpg

23 - t0PDhyu.jpg


A screw-on pocket clip

13 - M4qbzuF.jpg

is provided (and installed). It’d be simple to remove, but that would require a hex driver. The clip also serves the function of being an anti-roll device. If not for the clip, this light would roll all over the place.

10 - p8DazGf.jpg

I really like this clip. I think it’s a combination of the smooth body and the large “mouth” of the clip

08 - ybJzeCN.jpg

that makes it very easy to put on a pocket, and the Prince Mini doesn’t shred the pocket in any way whatsoever. My pockets take some abuse, so this has been a nice change. Sadly it’s not a deep carry clip, but it’s not so shallow as to be a problem. The clip is designed to be able to have some grip, if you desire to push the light farther down into your pocket, but I have not felt the need to do that. The light’s weight keeps it in place nicely anyway.

There’s also the pouch, which is very soft. This might be good for carrying inside a bag, but it’s not a carry method I’d use.


Two power options: AA or 14500. I tested the light with both types of cells. The 14500 provides grossly more output, and grossly less runtime. Note that only my Efest Red 700 mAh 14500 would work – the other 14500 I have would not. Both are button tops but the other cell has a rounded cap that the Prince Mini just did not like. So you’ll need button top 14500s for this light.

A note about low voltage protection on the Prince Mini. I don’t believe there is any. Termination voltage was 0.848V on High and 0.854V on Medium with an Eneloop, and 0.85V with the 14500. This didn’t kill my 14500, and it did seem to terminate at a consistent voltage, but that voltage is much too low. Just bear this in mind!!

User Interface and Operation

There’s one tailswitch, and it’s a large metal button.

14 - JEsP2eA.jpg

I like metal buttons, and this one is nice and big, but it’s a bit “sqeezy.” It does not press straight down, it kind of rolls around – it doesn’t stay on one axis if that makes any sense. It’s unstable like my ex-girlfriend Psycho Angie, but it’s not a very rewarding action, but it is a positive click.

The little glow cap

18 - EIcuzPm.jpg

included is quite neat – it lets plenty of light out but it’s completely diffuse, so that effectively makes this a lantern. Then the cap glows

17 - t8ERkeG.jpg

quite brightly, which is a nice bonus.

State Action Result
Off Click Low
On Half Press Mode cycle (L>M>H)

I’m sure that’s the simplest UI table I’ve ever had to make. It’s a simple UI with no shenanigans. The least shenaniganerous UI I know.

LED and Beam

The emitter here is a Cree XP-L HD.

12 - Ven3gPB.jpg

No further information is given about the emitter, but it seems quite cool to me. It’s also an HD emitter (ie, domed) with a smooth reflector. They might as well put an XP-L HI in this light, since that smooth reflector looks so nice….

The beam looks nice with a fairly hot hotspot, and little spill. I think shortening the light for a TIR would be great, and I would like that beam better in this light anyway.

Beamshots, Runtime, and Lux Measurements

Brand Lumintop
Model Prince Mini
Emitter Cree XP-L HD
Emitter Notes
Runtime AA/14500
Beamshots [0.3″, f/8, ISO 100, 5000k] AA/14500
Claimed Lumens (lm) 500
Lux (Measured) 363 (53)
At (m) 3.2 (3.8)
Candela (Calculated) in cd 3680 (752)
Throw (Calculated) (m) 121 (55)
Throw (Claimed) (m) 95

Random Comparisons and Competitive Options….

There are really quite a few AA/14500 XP-L HD lights available. Nothing in this “gentleman’s” category, however; certainly nothing with carbon fiber. This light is different, and you’d buy it precisely because it’s different. And even past that, it’s a very solid light!


What I like

  • Carbon fiber
  • Simple UI (starting on low!)
  • No mode memory
  • Stainless steel
  • It just looks fancy – there I said it.

What I don’t like

  • Button action
  • Difficulty to remove clip

Final Thoughts

I think this and the ‘more full figured’ Prince make a great addition to the flashlight enthusiasts lineup. It might not be one I’d carry every day, but for special occasions, or in a suit or something? Fantastic buy.

Parting Shot

I’m really not sure what the bunny means.

09 - Py4TPFD.jpg

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