DQG Tiny 26650 “3th” Flashlight Review


I’ve long been fascinated by the DQG brand, and wanted to try one of the “Tiny” series. I didn’t expect it’d be a 26650, but I’m glad it was!


Unfortunately just like the other two reviews, I can only share the coupon code by PM. So if you’re into this light, PM me and I’ll set you up with the code! Thanks!

Official Specs and Features

DQG Tiny 26650
Emitter Cree XP-G2 (7)
Lumens Range >2000 Lumens
Luminous Flux 2500LM
Color Temperature 6500K / 4500K
Feature Anti-Roll Rugged Design,Constant Current Circuit,Cooling Slot of High Efficiency,Lightweight,Reverse Polarity Protection,Stainless Steel Bezel,Tail Stand
Function Camping,EDC,Exploring,Hiking,Household Use,Night Riding,Walking
Switch Location Side Switch
Mode 4 (Turbo; High; Middle; Low)
Battery Type 26650


There are two colorways, and two emitter tints for this light. So, four total options. What I have here is the “Gray” and “4500K” version. And this it the “3th” (3rd) iteration of this light, but older versions are different of course. (Fewer emitters, metal side switch, and probably other differences.)

Short Review

I honestly didn’t expect to love this light, but it’s truly fantastic and a very fun light. It’s also, so, so warm and bright.

Long Review

What’s Included

  • DQG Tiny 26650
  • Two spare o-rings
  • Box

07 - Av4ZAK3.jpg


Here are the photos, and beamshots, and a runtime.

Package and Manual

A Tiny light in a tiny package…. this box does not abound in packaging or text, or anything…. it’s basically a light, and two loose o-rings in the box.

01 - 5ZuY4j2.jpg

Gearbest adds their sticker.

02 - g5crwrR.jpg

I kind of like this, because the shipping package itself will protect the light, and I won’t be using the box for anything else? So the box is easy to get rid of (no emotional reason to keep [hoard] it), and that’s one less thing to clutter.

Regarding the manual…. I didn’t actually have a manual in my package. Normally that wouldn’t be a huge issue, since manuals are usually available in pdf form on the web anyway. But I haven’t seen this manual. Nonetheless, the UI is fairly simple, so no manual isn’t a huge problem. Technically I suppose most of the manual is on the label on the box anyway.

05 - xgBM7cv.jpg

Build Quality, Disassembly, and Durability

This is the smallest 26650 light (and the same can be said about the 18650 Tiny), and also such an inexpensive light, but the cost has to be covered somehow. The build quality on this light is just “ok”. It works well and it’s easy to handle and maneuver but, it does not have a high quality feel. I suspect most people interested in this review, will already know this fact. That said, this 26650 has performed flawlessly. There are no springs

10 - bgWAxfz.jpg

in this light! Each end just has a padded donut.

15 - arq3ul8.jpg

Different length cells work because the tailcap threads are unanodized. So just screw the tailcap down as far as it goes, and the light will work. The o-ring is far enough out that the light maintains a seal. Even so, I’m not sure how much water I’d trust this light in. It does have o-rings where it should have o-rings but I don’t believe it’d push my luck in this regard.

There’s some nice looks to be laser etched branding on the tailcap.

12 - 5aMYRnm.jpg

The knurling

20 - MsqI4MJ.jpg

is diamond cut and not flat top. Not too grippy, but it is grippy. The body tube is reversible.

18 - 8HkpwxI.jpg

Possibly my favorite feature, is the small (2mm) band of glow tape just inside the bezel. This glow is picked up by the TIR and spreads nicely.

03 - gr9lBBQ.jpg

I absolutely love it.

04 - 1vfVfUF.jpg

A nice thing about the way this light is built (both in it’s form factor and level of quality) is that is ridiculously easy to take apart.

21 - VXkSFY6.jpg

Everything essentially unscrews. Tailcap, head, bezel… all just unscrew. That said, I’m not really sure how to remove the driver. Possibly the mcpcb is pushed out – I don’t see any screws holding it in. The 18650 Tiny is potted in and that’s actually what holds the mcpcb in place.

Since this light has no springs on head or tail, I would probably not play baseball with it. But it’s held up to the rigors of my testing.


It’s named “Tiny” and it does live up to that name. It’s much smaller than my other single 26650 lights, the Klarus G20, and Eagle Eye X7. Here it is beside the G20

13 - hPPtePR.jpg

and some others. Emitter shot.

14 - PnD9ygw.jpg


There’s no pocket clip, no magnet, no pouch, and no lanyard included, but there is a large cutout on the head

09 - DuFaWDs.jpg

for a lanyard to fit. This is a somewhat novel location, and I like it just fine. You’ll have to source your own lanyard, though!


The Tiny is powered by a single 26650. I purchased a cell specifically for this light as it wants 70mm or shorter cells. It also wants unprotected cells. The cell I bought is a 5200mAh green unbranded cell, but upon receipt I noted that it’s a “Vappower” brand.

16 - MXQYJ7P.jpg

The Vappower 5200 mAh is great for this light; highly recommended. There isn’t much room for wider cells either.

06 - UN5b8ZU.jpg

The runtime was tested on Turbo, and the light shut off with a cell voltage of 2.94V. Since this is an unprotected cell, the light itself seems to have low voltage protection. A note about the runtime test: I didn’t know if the light had LVP, so I pulled the cell around halfway through the test. At that point, the cell was at ~3.6V, so I let it run longer. Upon placing the cell back in, output went back to almost it’s original high output!! Then the drop and level out was as before.

25 - KQUmm1d.png

User Interface and Operation

There’s a single side switch

11 - 651agOq.jpg

on the Tiny. It’s small and quite grippy, and also just the right amount of clicky (very positive, but still fairly quiet).

State Action Result
Off Click Medium
Off Double Click High
Off Triple Click Low
Off Long Click Turbo
On Click Off
On Hold Mode cycle (M>H>L)
On Double Click Turbo

Did you notice that every mode is available from off? I did. The DQG product images didn’t. But I did. That’s just what I do for you guys.

LED and Beam

The emitters, all 7 of them, are Cree XP-G2.

08 - 1RwhN7l.jpg

They are under a PMMA TIR optic.

17 - OYTBk7Q.jpg

PMMA is just the type plastic used for the TIR

23 - vBSdAJz.jpg

(ie, I’m not sure why they want that info in the product listing. It’s ‘just’ a TIR.) Bonus side shot of the domed emitters.

24 - XLiJVum.jpg

I can’t describe how warm this beam is. I have a 4000K 219c in my Manker U11, and this Tiny is much warmer. It’s rated at 4500K but I’d be seriously surprised if it’s not much warmer. That said, it’s still very nice. It’s just a wall of light, and I’m satisfied that it’s a warm wall instead of a cool wall. That said, the “cool” version of this is rumored to be on the warm side, too. So if you’re on the fence, consider the “cool” version, and you’ll probably end up in the 5000K range, which is very pleasant anyway.

The beam shape is very nice too. For what it is (a 7 emitter light), the beam can be quite tight – it gets some light down range. It’s a thrower by no means, though. My sphere isn’t calibrated but the numbers with a 4.2V cell are as high as I can recall offhand. (!!!).

Another thing I like to do with this light is just take the bezel and TIR out, and have a 7 emitter mule. Since it has 7 emitters, it’s not good for playing shadow puppets with the kids, but it is quite muleish anyway, and great fun in that configuration.

Beamshots, Runtime, and Lux Measurements

Brand DQG
Model Tiny 26650
Emitter Cree XP-G2
Emitter Notes Seven emitters, 4500K, TIR
Runtime 5200 mAh 26650
Beamshots [0.3″, f/8, ISO 100, 5000k] 5200 mAh 26650
Claimed Lumens (lm) 2500
Lux (Measured) 1040
At (m) 3.5
Candela ([Calculated] in cd 12740.00
Throw ([Calculated] (m) 225.74
Throw (Claimed) (m)

Random Comparisons and Competitive Options….

There is just nothing else out there like this light. I couldn’t even find another XP-G2 26650 light, and of course not one with 7 of the things. And for “tiny” this wins as the smallest…. There’s a Fenix light with an optic but it’s a zoomie with a TIR: The FD40.


What I like

  • The size. It’s absolutely great. It’s the light that makes me think the new Tesla 2170 might make a pocketable flashlight after all….
  • The beam. I just love TIR’s and this one with 7 emitters works so well.
  • Glow tape around the bezel! It’s not much tape but it puts out a lot of light after charge.
  • UI is great – every mode available from off.
  • Bezel off mule is super fun.

What I don’t like

  • The 4500K is a little warm.
  • Build quality game could be stepped up.

Final Thoughts

On the outside (before receiving this light) I was completely “meh” about it. I had to purchase a cell, I was afraid it’d be low quality, but. BUT. I absolutely love this light. It’s not over complicated, it does what it is meant to do


As I said above, this coupon is available by PM only. For the record the starting price is $60.


Thank you to Gearbest.com for supplying this light for review. I was not paid for this review, but I did receive this light at no cost.

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