Rey Light Pineapple Flashlight Review


Here’s a review of a light I myself purchased. “But Zero,” you say, “I thought you never purchased flashlights!” Oh but I do! I just don’t always review them! I sauntered reluctantly into this purchase of the Reylight Pineapple from the Massdrop group buy. I’ve had mixed results there, but this purchase went well.

Official Specs and Features

(Sorry I don’t know if Rey has an official site, so I’ll just use the Massdrop link.)


  • Material: Brass
  • LED: Nichia 219C 4000K
  • Battery: AA or 14500 (runs well on Eneloop AAA and AA, Alkaline AAA and AA, Lithium Primary Energizer Ultimate AA and AAA, and Lithium Rechargeable 10440 and 14500)
  • Pocket clip
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 0.7 in (9 x 1.8 cm)
  • Weight: 3.5 oz (100 g)
Mode Output (lumens) Runtime
Moonlight 0.3, 0.2 lumens 20 days, 30 days
Low 12, 5 15h, 50h
Mid 120, 30 2h, 4.5h
High 390, 110 40m, 1h

14500 in bold, above.


There’s really just one “ReyLight Pineapple” but Rey’s making at least two other lights very much like this one. One is titanium, and the other is also brass but has some different adornments.

One note: The version from Massdrop is a slightly updated version, which has a better reflector than the original versions. It has a very light orange peel reflector,

08 - 4MMm7eP.jpg

and also is reported to have a much higher frequency for the PWM used in lower modes. I find that to be true (without having compared to an older version): My beam shape is fine, and I can’t even detect any PWM whatsoever (and I’m normally extremely sensitive to PWM).


$38.74 (Massdrop Price)

Short Review:

I hadn’t realized how much I like brass, til this Pineapple. The tint is glorious and the light as a whole is fantastic. I’m not sure you can purchase them any more, but whatever Rey comes out to replace the pineapple, I recommend grabbing one.

Long Review:

What’s Included

  • ReyLight Pineapple
  • Spare o-rings

11 - YZrynQG.jpg


Here are the photos, and beamshots, and a runtime.

Package and Manual

The package is a very nice flip-top box,

02 - SdtuuOt.jpg

with an embossed logo.

03 - QxK6BdB.jpg

Inside is the Pineapple, secured by string,

10 - pdAVvPC.jpg

on a pillowed silky surface. It’s a very nice presentation. Under this are the spare o-rings.

There was no manual. In fact there is no documentation whatsoever with the light. That could be a concern, except this light really actually works with all cells that fit inside (as far as I can tell). So any fitting cell will work, and after that it’s just a matter of exploring the very simple UI. Now, that is making excuses for the light: There should be a manual. But in this case it’s not that bad.

Build Quality and Disassembly

Built quality is superb. The machining is great on the outside,

06 - sIkUjpU.jpg

and the inside including threads, is flawless. I was disappointed to find that the threads aren’t acme cut. I’m pleased on the other hand, that brass threads are very easy to thread. I know brass isn’t a hard alloy, but it does seem to be resilient when threading the parts together. The head has a bit of etching

24 - QvUAwIq.jpg

with the brand.

The ReyLight is quite easy to disassemble.

25 - TBXVTgu.jpg

Anything that doesn’t just directly unscrew is held in place by a threaded brass retaining ring. So if you need into the light, you can get into the light. The cell tube is directional

27 - E7ZN3Ju.jpg

which adds a very fun benefit (keep reading!)


As stated above, the dimensions are: 9 cm x 1.8 cm. Not only the size of this light, but the weight….. this thing has some heft. It’s a great weight though – it fits so comfortably in hand. It would be a great fist lode for punching people in bar fights. That’s the kind of feel it has.

However 9 cm seems a little long for being just an AA light. It’s almost exactly the same size as the Lumintop Prince Mini. That one also had great weight (with a lot of copper parts). Regardless of the length and weight, this light is a great pocket carry light.


13 - USTLj9n.jpg

Money 2

14 - Lh6ttC9.jpg

Lumintop Prince Mini

15 - 8AyasIC.jpg


26 - Gw0l7zc.jpg

Chapstick 2

17 - nnGDcS3.jpg

Other lights

28 - idKQuCc.jpg


30 - Kkd56A4.jpg

Cells 2

16 - PrjPe3b.jpg


31 - RzMBHm3.jpg


There is an installed (but removable) pocket clip.

21 - HlRrcTR.jpg

This is one of my least favorite types of clip

12 - nEhb5EC.jpg

– the kind that are held in place by the screwing down of the tailcap. But the clip itself is rather nice – plenty of mouth to grab the pocket, but not so much that it grabs anything else. My clip is slightly off axis,

29 - RnDnm7h.jpg

but since it’s made like it is, it should be easy to bend it into place. The clip can be removed, and the tailcap will still screw down properly and everything will work, but there will be a gap where the clip should be, and it’ll be noticeable. If you don’t have the clip on, the light will roll [almost] freely.

On the opposite side of the clip (on the ring of the clip) is a small hole for a lanyard. A lanyard isn’t included, but it’s still nice to have the option to connect one.


I tested this light with an Eneloop AA, and a protected 14500 cell. The light works fine on either, but the output is much greater with a 14500 cell. It’s very noticeable, too. The light seems a bit anemic with an AA. I like it with that, and I will tend to carry it with an AA, but it’s still quite underpowered. There’s a whole list of other cells the light will work with: basically any cylindrical cell AA sized or smaller, that will make contact.

In my runtime tests, the AA stopped producing light at 0.88V, and the 14500 at 3.6V. The 3.6V is accurate (I ran the test twice). As I said I used a protected cell. The runtime test tripped the alarm on my thermocouple, but didn’t seem to trip the [heat] protection on the cell. But there’s a hard stop in the runtime, so it does seem like something was going on. Thing is, on High with a 14500, the temperature on the bezel reached SEVENTY degrees C. 70! I can’t really recommend using this light for prolonged periods on high with a 14500 based on that. You wouldn’t want to be holding that light long before 70C, anyway….

04 - ek8zhKy.png

During the AA runtime test, I stopped the test to check the cell voltage (that’s the dip at about 90 minutes).

Output with the 14500 falls off very rapidly.

User Interface and Operation

There’s a single metal tail clicky button. The switch is routed for a single tritium tube

05 - Q4H9z8n.jpg

of size 1.5mm x 6mm. There’s a bit of side-to-side play in the switch, and travel is about 2.5mm to actuation. It’s not a soft activation, but it’s very positive.

State Action Result
Off Click Moonlight*
On Click Off
On Half Press Cycle modes (Moon>L>M>H)

* If the light is turned back on soon after turning off (within a couple of seconds), the previous mode will be remembered. If more than 2 seconds, light will turn on into Moonlight.

LED and Beam

The Pineapple has a Nichia 219c,

07 - Y51gjDw.jpg

and the tint is 4000K (9050). Most reviews say it’s also a 90+ CRI emitter,

18 - k4GTFGv.jpg

but I don’t see that in the Massdrop documentation. I do believe it though, compared to my other lights of similar values.

The beam has a nice even hotspot, and a usable amount of spill. Some have said that the mode spacing is poor. I personally don’t have any problems about the mode spacing. It comes on in Moonlight, which is so very low it’s often hard to tell if the light is even on. I don’t think I’ve ever said a Moon is too low, but this one is just on the fringe of being usable. It’s very, very dim.

Beamshots, Runtime, and Lux Measurements

Brand Rey Light
Model Pineapple
Emitter Nichia 219C
Emitter Notes 4000K 90+ CRI
Runtime AA/14500
Beamshots [0.3″, f/8, ISO 100, 5000k] AA/14500
Claimed Lumens (lm) 390
Lux (Measured) 156
At (m) 3.288
Candela ([Calculated] in cd 1686.51
Throw ([Calculated] (m) 82.13
Throw (Claimed) (m)

Please see the Big Ol’ Table for comparisons and whatnot.

Random Comparisons and Competitive Options….

I have a light that compares fairly well with this Pineapple. I’ve already mentioned it here: The Lumintop Prince Mini. They stack up well against each other except the very most important bit: the emitter. There are plenty of reasons to buy this light but the only one you should concern yourself with is the 219c 9050 4000K High CRI emitter. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Skip anything else you were considering.


What I like

  • Emitter
  • Brass body!
  • Cell support
  • Tritium slot

What I don’t like

  • Pocket clip
  • Lack of manual

Parting shot


19 - D0iVkoM.jpg

Oh Yeah.

20 - 8FQ7ucW.jpg

Oh yeah yeah.

23 - 3zXqHIw.jpg

Oh and with a small coin cell? Yes, it works.


Up Next

My next review will be of a [generic] USB Rechargeable light. Stay tuned!!


I’m very gracious to me, for providing this light for myself. Thank you u/zeroair!

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