Ganzo F729-CF Folding Knife Review


Next in my list of knives to review for is another Ganzo.  Also Ganzo folder, and also with carbon fiber.  Let’s see how things pan out for the Ganzo F729-CF!



As with the orange Ganzo I just reviewed, I have only a generic coupon for this knife, the Ganzo Firebird F729 CF.  That coupon is 15% off.  It’s OUT15OFF.  Though I think the knife is having a flash sale right now, so the 15% off might not actually apply.

Official Specs

Package and manual

The package is like all Ganzo’s I’ve had.  Black box, with a “tray” of sorts inside.  The knife itself is held in a bubble sleeve, and there’s a velvet carry pouch in the tray too (but the knife is not in it!).  The box has a bunch of printing, including the new (?) branding “Made by Ganzo, designed by Firebird.” And it also adds that this knife will “make you feel more confident” if I have outdoor troubles.  I actually feel more confident already.


This is another big knife and it handles big too, but it’s quite comfortable in pocket.  The scales are [real, actual] carbon fiber, and not rough on the surface….. They slide in and out of the pocket with ease.

The form is clearly a clone of the Spyderco Paramilitary 2.  With the obvious exception of the Axis lock.


The carbon fiber sets the look of this Ganzo.  It’s a very nice looking knife – everything about the look is crisp, if I can be allowed to call it that.

It’s also quite monochromatic.  Black carbon fiber, gray steel….  If you want some various color accent pieces, this isn’t the knife for you.

Sound (Open/Close/Lock)

This one sounds good opening and closing.  My axis mechanism has the slightest click when opening, but both open and close have a very positive click to indicate completion.  Overall it’s a very good sound.

Build and Feel

Everything here is snug and quality.  I have only two issues with the build.  First is that there’s an ever so slight amount of play in the blade.  It really only happens when I try to wiggle it, and doesn’t happen on it’s own, so it’s not an issue.

That said, the blade is very nicely centered.


And there is a nice bit of jimping on the blade itself – none whatsoever on the handles.


There’s a steel pocket clip, which like the other Ganzo I just reviewed, has a big mouth and works very well at holding pants pockets without destroying.  Bonus in this case is that the scales are completely smooth, and aren’t abrasive toward pockets whatsoever.  This also makes the knife very easy to retrieve from carry.

The clip is left/right reversible but not tip up/tip down reversible.  It’s strictly tip up carry (as all Axis locks are, I believe?). I do not know if this hole pattern is common to the Spyderco PM2, but I don’t believe it is.  It’s also not common to the Benchmade knives, so I’m not sure about getting a real deep carry clip on here.

Speaking of carry depth, there’s about 1 full CM revealed over the pocket with the pocket clip depth.


I measure it at just under 5″ closed (120mm), just over 8″ opened, and the blade is just over 3″.  I won’t say it ‘carries smaller than that’ but while it is a larger knife, it still carries very well.


(That’s a dragonfly 2).


The monochrome and carbon fiber on this knife give it a great look.  It could ave  ridiculously good vibe if some of these screws or accent pieces were some other random color – orange maybe? 🙂


I found this blade to be quite sharp.  There isn’t a spot on the blade which will not push cut copy paper, but it’s not clean 100% of the time.  As with the other Ganzo, a little stropping or at least touching up the blade, would probably make this razor sharp.  I’ll add, related to the cut, that the blade is a very nice FFG.  I love FFG blades, and this one is no exception.


If you’re in the market for a PM2, or like this knife anyway, this is a good value.  It is well built, sturdy, and should take quite a beating.  It might need a little fiddling right out of the box, but just a couple of quick fixes and it should be good to go for a long life!  Recommended!


  • This knife was provided to me at no charge from I was not paid to write this review.

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