Infinity Fidget Spinner Pro i5 Spinner Review


The guy who runs the Infinity Fidget Spinner shop contacted me to see if I’d be interested in having a look at his spinner.  Timely!  I’ve become interested in the spinners recently and I’m up to 5 in my household…. still a fledgling I know, but I still agreed to review this one. 🙂

Official Specs

Short Review

The Infinity Fidget Spinner Pro i5 is great fun to play with.  I haven’t had to do any maintenance and the spin times are great.  I like that it’s on the smaller side, as I have small hands.  This is a very fun little gadget!

Long Review


This spinner arrives in a typical package.  The spinner itself is in a tin not much smaller than an Altoids circular tin, with some “Infinity Spinner Pro” branding, and a picture of the spinner.


The Pro i5 is a tri-blade, solid metal spinner.  The blades are very squared, and each has an inset piece that allows a bit of purchase on the edges of the blades.  The Pro i5 is available in a few finishes, including the brass one I have here.  There’s also “carbon” (black), silver, and rose gold (which looks to be copper).  I picked brass because I love its weight, and I love the bare metal of it.  I also love that brass will patina, if slowly.


This spinner feels fantastic.  I absolutely love the size.  I have two other, larger tri-blade design spinners, and this Pro i5 fits in my hand so much better.  More about the size later.

I can’t actually tell if the brass wings are two separate pieces, or if there’s a corner milled off to add a nice accented touch.  The latter, I’d guess.

There’s quite a bit of heft to this spinner.

The finger pads are large and brass, and have a concave surface for easier holding.  The pads are also plenty big for fingers to rest, and grip to be adjusted.  Basically in my experience, these are typical sized pads.



This is a small tri-blade spinner.  It fits perfectly in a 2″ x 2″ square on my cutting board. (Demonstrated below, with the finger pads removed.)


Bearing / Spin Times

There’s an R188 bearing inside this tiny monster.  I find this to be a great bearing, though I do have other spinners that spin longer.  I like the sound it makes – it’s quiet but still noticeable.

Now, I’m no bearing expert.  I have one spinner I use a lot, and really love, and it has an r188 sized bearing too, but that one is loud.  The Pro i5 is quiet but still a nice bit of background noise worth of sound.

I did a few test spins, just for the sake of it.  I placed the spinner on my desk, on a cutting board (not the hardest of surfaces) and spun it hard with one hand while holding down with the other.  Results are as follows:

Test 1 (table top):  4:00.6

Test 2 (table top): 4:00.3

Yes, they actually stopped within 3 hundreths of a second of each other.

I’ll note that the last two minutes or so of each of those spins, the spinner is actually chugging along quite slowly.

Maintenance / Disassembly

These bearings shouldn’t need much maintenance if kept in an appropriate manner.  Fortunately a carry case is included with the Pro i5, and that’s how I’d recommend carrying the device. That should keep the Pro i5 in great working order.

That said, this (like most?) spinners is pretty easy to take apart.  The finger pads are really just brass sex bolts, and the bearing is caged.  The bearing itself is easy to remove but you’ll need some kind of spanner to do so.  Then cleaning the bearing should be easy!


Here’s all the images!  Most of them have been used above already.


Do I think you should buy this spinner?  I can’t say that. 🙂  I can say it’s good, and fun, and it’ll be my pocket carry spinner.  It’s a great spinner, well built and spins great.  If I had to complain, I’d simply say that the edges are slightly sharp, but I expect that’ll ease up after some use.


  • I received this spinner at no cost in order to perform this review.  I was not paid for this review.

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