Sanrenmu Land 910 Plus Knife Review

Official Specs

Package and manual

This is the simplest of the boxes I’ve gotten recently from GearBest.  The knife arrives in a very small cardboard box with no printing.  There’s a GearBest inventory sticker, but that’s all.



This knife has a very recognizable form, made famous by the Chris Reeve Sebenza.  Does that make this a knock off?  Well, sure, but this one can still be a great value for it’s price.  (around $15.)

This is a fairly large folding pocket knife, but it rides small and in hand still doesn’t feel huge.  The scales are G10, and quite grippy.


This is not a menacing knife, but it’s still large(r).  The green scales give the knife kind of an “army” appearance, but the knife is still very gentlemanly.  It’s also available in black, which is also G10.

And check out all those blue accents, like this lanyard hole:


(in the photo above you can also see the inset for the clip) and this backspacer:


Sound (Open/Close/Lock)

This is one of the ‘thunkiest’ knifes I own – a very good sound! It’s also one of the few thumbstud clone type knives that I could flip open out of the box – and still can.  Upon opening, the blade reaches the detent at about 95% open, then clicks locked very affirmatively.

Closing the blade is achieved with the liner lock.  The liner has some very noticeable (feelable) grooves, and is quite easy to actuate.  The grooves aren’t too much though, and provide fantastic feel for closing the knife.  I actually love this knife and a lot of that has to do with this liner lock.

Build and Feel

The whole of this knife feels very high quality.  Opening and closing the knife is flawless.  The cut is flawless.  The blade is centered enough and flicking open is a joy.  I realize those statements are quite superlative.  This really is an incredible knife.  For even more than $15, honestly.


That said, I will say my one complaint is that the handles are not evenly colored.  They’re green but they seem to have a bit of discoloration to them.  Now I’ll also add that I didn’t see this when I received the knife and there’s a chance some hand lotion from my hands transferred to the scales and did this.  IE, what you see in the photos, and what I’m seeing, could be just basic normal wear-and-tear discoloration from use.  Does it bother me?  No not really.  Except in the sense that I kind of wish these scales were metal in the first place. 🙂  (Not unlike the 7010 I recently shared some thoughts about.)

There are some very nice details on this knife, too.  The spine is rounded, which I believe is unusual.  If this was a hard use knife, that might be an undesirable feature.  But in a more refined knife as I believe this is, I find it a great feature.  It’s only slightly rounded, but it’s a very nice detail.  Same with the thumbstuds.  The edges are softened just the right amount to still allow full and proper use, but to keep them from being bitey.





There’s an interesting pocket clip included, and installed.  It’s held in place by a single Torx head screw.  To keep the clip from pivoting, the screw end is recessed into the scale by approximately 1mm.  And the clip is quite thin, at 7mm at it’s thickest.  The clip holds the knife in a tip up configuration, and while the clip can be moved to the other side, tip up is the only option.


The clip could have a slightly bigger mouth, but it still does bite the pocket just like it needs to.


Closed: 11.6cm long, 3.2cm tall, and 1.4cm thick (clip adds 0.4cm)
Open: ~20cm long.
Blade: 8.5cm

Even though it’s kind of big, it’s still great for pocket carry.

Steel / Cut / Oats

The cut is pretty good.  I only tested it today, and I’ve been using this knife now for probably a month.  So it has some use.  That said, it still slices paper with relative ease.  The knife states that the blade steel is 12C27.  I don’t know much about steels and can firmly state that I’m terrible at sharpening, so you guess is as good as mine here.  But the blade is sharp enough for me.


For $15 I think this is a really nice knife.  Out of the bunch of 4 that I got recently from GearBest for reviewing, this is tied for favorite, with the slight edge going to the Harnds, which I’ll review very soon.


  • This knife was provided to me at no charge from I was not paid to write this review.

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