Harnds Talisman CK9168 Knife Review


The last of my 4 knives from GearBest!  I sort of saved the best (or my favorite) for last.  I really liked that Sanrenmu I just reviewed (Land 910 Plus), but overall this Harnds is probably my favorite.  It’s also my first flipper!  So here’s the Harnds Talisman CK9168.20170322-IMG_9328.jpg

Official Specs (link)

Package and manual

This flipper arrives in a cardboard box with a single color printing.  Gearbest puts their own inventory sticker on the box.  It’s a simple and fine box.

Unlike many of the other knives of this type (and by “this type” I mean clones, or at least “budget blades”), this knife includes an actual user manual.  Though in truth, the manual is fairly unnecessary being that this is a knife, with very clear use mechanisms.



I’ve said other knives I’ve reviewed are striking, but this one is certainly no exception.  Or if they’re all striking this is even more so.  This knife has a great size and shape.  The and there’s nothing superfluous in or about the knife.

A note about the form…. Gearbest bills this knife as the HARNDS Talisman CK9168 Girl Pocket Knives with Liner Lock.  “Girl” pocket knife.  I don’t really know what this means, but let me assuage you of any misconceptions – this knife is perfect for men or women.  And it’s not small, so there’s nothing to make it seem as if it’s meant to fit a woman’s hand more particularly than a man’s.



As I said above, this knife is striking.  It’s a very clean knife.  It’s like a knife that can do business, but works with a business suit.


Sound (Open/Close/Lock)

This knife is a flipper.  So there’s a little stud on the spine, which with the right force, flips the blade right open.  This may take a bit of practice if it’s your first flipper, but the blade is weighty enough that once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.  And the knife flips out of the box so smoothly.  And after weeks of use: still smooth.

It’s worth noting that flipping is the only way to get the blade out – there s no groove on the blade for a fingernail to snag.  However, there is enough blade exposed to pinch grab the blade open.  In fact there’s enough blade exposed above the handles to grab just about anywhere on the spine.

The sound when opening this knife is a very pleasant one – a sound that makes you want to just play with this knife.  If it wasn’t for the fact that the blade was so big, that’d be quite tempting to do.  (I fidget-flip my Bean Clone open quite often, actually.)  The flip is more than just a little passive flip, though.  It requires a specific, quick, and exact move.  It’s not a button to press.  It’s more like a lightswitch being flipped on or off – swiping across the spine.  Done right, it’s a beautiful action.  Done wrong, and it can be a touch frustrating.

A liner-lock keeps this blade open.  It’s an extremely secure lockup, and not once has it seemed to be questionable.  Closing the blade by actuating the liner lock is my single complaint about this knife.  The liner has a large bevel, across the full width of the liner lock.  And that bevel is rounded quite a bit on both edges…  The result of this is the lack of anything very gripping to release the blade.  Put simply, it’s hard to unlock this knife.  I can’t even do it with the normal action for liner locks, I have to put the whole tip of my thumb onto the liner lock, and then unlock it.  If this unlock was more like the liner release on the Sanrenmu (which even has actual jimping for lack of a better term), then this Harnds would be a near perfect knife.

Build and Feel

The build quality is superb.  One of the first things you’ll notice when you pick it up is the handle feel.  They’re G10, and just the right amount of grippy without abrasiveness.  Since it’s shaped G10, it even has a nice looking topographic-like lines.  (G10 is layered, and shaping a flat piece of G10 reveals the layers.)  It’s very fetching.

The clip is held on by a single screw, and is not movable.  In fact it’s held on in an unusual way.  The clip loops over the end of the scale.  The screw thus goes through the scale then the clip, then into the liner.


Speaking of the liner, it’s a full metal liner.  Not only that, the liners have some holes, most likely to reduce the weight of this already “plenty heavy” knife.

The clip side of this knife, has the “back side” of the pivot screw, which is flat.  The other side of the pivot screw is finished with a very neat “Harnds” H.  This is a very cool touch!  I do wish that the H screw head and the clip were on the same side, so that then the knife would lay flat on one side.  As it is, neither side lays very flat.  This is a very minor quibble.  But brought to a point because the clip is not moveable.  The clip is oriented in a tip up position.




This knife is quite long, even closed.  But the handles are very smooth, so the carry with the flipper is very good.  Nothing here grinds away any pockets, or causes any unusual wearing.  G10, even smooth, is a rough-ish material, but this knife slips in and out of pockets easily and without damage.

As stated the clip allows only one carry option – tip up.  Never in any of my carrying of this knife, did the blade open in any way in my pocket.

The clip has a hole in the center – certainly designed for screwing the clip in place, doubles nicely as a place to connect a lanyard or a fob.  There is also a place designed for this, which goes through the full body of the knife.



Folding Length: 12.2cm
Unfold Length: 21.2cm
Clip Length: 4.8cm
Blade Length: 9cm
Blade Width : 2.6cm


Steel / Cut / Oats

The steel is AUS-8.  This was the sharpest of my bunch of knives, and has stayed very sharp.  The blade is a FFG, and is a Standard shape.  I really like this blade – mainly because I really like FFG blades.  The Standard shape is not a particular favorite of mine, as I prefer something more like a FFG Drop Point.  (This is close!)


And the blade has a bit of jimping (while the handles do not).


At $30 (ish) this knife is a fairly good value.  Compared to other knives in this “budget” category, the cost is a little high.  I am very pleased with the knife though, and if you have $30 to spend on a larger flipper, I find this to be a great choice.


  • This knife was provided to me at no charge from GearBest.com. I was not paid to write this review.

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