Spinozy Spinner Review


Here’s a spinner from a new guy on the block.  He goes by the name of Spinozy Spinners, and he has quite a few offerings at the moment.  He asked if I’d review this “Cyclone” spinner, so here goes!

Some of these photos will include two of Spinozy’s other spinners.  I’m only reviewing the Cyclone!  (The other two are great too.)

Official Specs

No official site yet!  No official spec listing….  Maybe I’m the first. 🙂

Short Review

This is a fun spinner.  Nice and heavy, colorful, and nice spin times.

Long Review


This spinner arrives in a round tin.  The tin top has a window, which allows immediate viewing of the spinner – a nice touch.  The back of the tin has the name, “Cyclone”, printed.  Inside the tin, the spinner is held securely in a foam insert.  There’s no manual or paperwork.


This is an unusual looking “normal” spinner.  The three blades have each a different color plastic piece (or possibly a thick plastic colored sticker).  I expect that this is a full plastic piece.  I think that because I believe that there are similar models like this which have actual bearings where these plastic pieces are.  But these are “blanks” which make for a lighter (and probably better) spinner.



I should note regarding the photos…. Each colored piece has a little “shipping sticker” over it to protect it.  I thought (and you may notice in the photos) that these pieces were prone to scratching and wear:  They aren’t.  Once that sticker comes off, what’s under is a very hard piece that is essentially impervious to wear.  So don’t sweat that in the photos – those color pieces are very hard.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this spinner.  It has a great weight for spinning, and because of the namesake “Cyclone” tri-blades, it can be flipped, allowing two options of “grip” for spinning.  Ie, you can spin it with (direction of) the blades, or against the blades for a nice variation.

There are a number of versions (metals) of this spinner.  This one is “red copper.”  I’m not sure what “red” copper is but this one does have the weight of copper.  And though it doesn’t seem to be tarnishing quite as quickly as bare/raw copper, it also does smell like copper.  There’s also a “yellow copper”, among others.


This is a fairly large spinner.  If you have very small hands, it might not be ideal.  Having said that, I have small hands for a grown man, and really have no problems holding it and spinning. Here are some size comparison shots:

Bearing / Spin Times

The bearing in this spinner is full stainless, and caged.  I measure it at 17mm.  I believe that makes it a r188 bearing, but everything I read says those are 12.7mm.  I’m not sure where that 12.7 is measured.

I did some spintime tests and the results are as follows:

Spin Time (m:s)
1 (table top) 4:32.21
2 (table top) 4:28.72
3 (table top) 5:34.95
4 (table top)  4:44.23

Of course there’s a lot of potential for variability in how I spun the device, etc.  But spin times are consistently around 4.5 minutes, which isn’t bad at all.  I haven’t cleaned up or lubed or modified this bearing in any way.

Maintenance / Disassembly

The bearing does seem press fit into the spinner body.  I wasn’t able to remove it with moderate pressure, and it doesn’t seem to unscrew from the body.  This could lead to concerns with cleaning the bearing, but I wouldn’t worry too much with it.  Isopropyl alcohol will not likely damage the colored pieces, and the rest is metal which you’ll be wanting to clean anyway.

Parting Shot


  • I received this spinner at no cost in order to perform this review.  I was not paid for this review.

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