“ABS ADHD Fidget Spinner” Review


Here’s another spinner!  I have been excited to get this model for a while, and GearBest obliged by sending me the red model.  I went on to order 4 more of these (including orange, of course) with my own money!



Official Specs

Short Review

I liked this enough that I bought more my self.  That should be enough info, right there!

Long Review


Here’s the photo album.  Not much more to say!


This spinner arrives in a small package, with a window – the spinner is clearly and fully visible.  There’s nothing else in the package, and the spinner is in a little plastic tray that slides right out.  This isn’t a package you’ll want to keep, nor is there any carrying capacity with the package.  But it does it’s job, which is to get the spinner to you safely.


This spinner looks plastic-y.  I won’t say “cheap” but really – when most people think of quality spinners, they don’t think of plastic.  But at least the six ball bearings are a nice bonus, and breaks up the plastic look of the spinner.


One can’t handle this spinner without rolling those ball bearings around.  This is a very relaxing thing.  I’m sure there’s some ancient Chinese home remedy or whatever about these things stimulating the fingertips or whatever, but it really is pleasant.

Those balls are captive but spin freely.  So this fidget spinner double duties as something that can be fidgeted very quietly (noiselessly in fact).

Bearing / Spin Times

I did some spintime tests and the results are as follows:

Spin Time (m:s)
1 (table top) 6:12.46
2 (table top) 6:27.12
3 (table top) 6:34.00
4 (table top) 6:20.35

Yes, actually that consistent.  Also, an out of the box spin time of over 6 minutes for a cheap Chinese spinner is pretty fantastic.  I’ll be honest though – spin times aren’t my thing.  I want to spin the spinner and catch it, then spin it again over and over.  This is a great one for that.

The bearing is small, and I believe to be of the r188 size variety.  It’s full stainless, with a cage.

Also noteworthy about this bearing (and of particular interest due to recent news items where kids swallowed bearings):  This bearing is captive too.  More about that in the next section.

Maintenance / Disassembly

Everything in this spinner comes apart easily.  But not without a screwdriver.  Unlike many spinners, the finger caps are just popped in.  Pop those off and you see a single Philips screw on each side of the spinner.  All six of the ball bearings, and the spin bearing itself, is sandwiched inside these two plastic halves.  This is a fantastic design; it means that the bearing won’t come out accidentally.

In any case, maintenance and disassembly is easy.


Here’s a size comparison for you.  This is a very small spinner, great for small hands.


Parting Shot



  • I received this spinner at no cost from GearBest.com in order to perform this review.  I was not paid for this review.

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