Ganzo G726M-OR Knife Review


GearBest sent over two knives in a package that arrived as a pleasant surprise to me.  We hadn’t discussed these knives, but you guys seem to have liked the knife shots in the past, so GearBest sent some more!  This is the first of two.  It’s a Ganzo G726M-OR, an orange knife in Benchmade style!  Already love it.

Official Specs


There are three versions, differing in the scale color.  Black, green, and orange.  Otherwise these knives are the same.

Package and manual

The package is pretty simple, just a cardboard box.  The box is not shiny cardboard but actual cardboard….  Some nice descriptive printing and all that, and of course, a GearBest inventory sticker.

Inside is the knife, in a small bubble pocket.  There’s no tray, nor is there a velvet carry pouch for this knife.  Seems to lend itself to this knife being a workhorse.  And I believe it.



The look of this knife is great – it just has a good shape, and also looks tough.  I love the orange (of course) but in case you don’t, it’s available in black and also green.  The orange, as you’ll see later in the Size section, isn’t orange like many knives have…. It’s almost like there’s a layer of translucent over the orange body – a bit hard to describe, but easy to see in later photos.

I love the “nose” of the blade, which you can see easily above – The bevel on the spine, toward the tip of the blade.  Now one might argue having this makes it not a hard use knife, but there’s still plenty of thick blade toward the back for hitting with a stick or whatever you’re trying to do.

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The blade is also shiny, but not quite mirror finished.

I’ll add in this section, that while this looks like, and also feels a lot like a Benchmade knife, I don’t think it’s an actual clone of any exact model.


First off, the lock is an axis-like lock.  It may not be exactly like an actual Axis lock, but it’s close.  It’s a very smooth lock, and also easy to actuate in order to unlock.

Now the sound for opening and closing – in my experience, exactly like Benchmade knives.

I can flick this knife open with relative ease.  It’s a big blade and so has some weight.  Often it’s lack of skill that keeps me from flicking, but in this case the only thing keeping me from flicking it every time is that this is a big heavy blade.  But the thumbstuds are nice and tall and have plenty of bite.  They’re also ambidextrous.  Mine did not have any Loctite securing them.  They screw into each other, so one may not remove one but not the other.

Closing is as easy.  The axis actuators are nearly flush with the scales, but the opening is plenty big for accessing them.

One more point about opening this knife.  If you’re adept with the axis mechanism, the knife can be flung open.  This is fun, and the accompanying sound is rewarding.

Build and Feel

I find the build quality on this knife to be good.  The blade is very well centered, and the fit and finish is up to snuff.  It’s nicely oiled without being over done, and smooth opening now.  It took just a little while for that smoothness to open up – it was a bit grippy at first.  Moderate usage evened that oil out and made the actuation smooth.

My only real complaint about this knife is extremely superficial…. I am not crazy about the orange – it’s just not as orangey as I want it to be!  But don’t hold that against this knife yourself – the color of the scales does not affect the performance in any way whatsoever.  🙂


The clip allows for only a tip up carry, and is not movable from side to side.  So if you’re right handed, the clip ends up on your hand side.  A left handed user will find the clip on their thumb side.

The clip is steel and held on by three screws… very much like Benchmade clips are.  It’s not a deep carry clip, but that’d be a fantastic addition.  The clip has a slit in the middle (again, like Benchmade clips have).  This would be the equivalent of the Benchmade “Split Arrow” clip.


It’s stated as follows

  • Length of the knife blade is 8.5 cm;
  • Length of the folded knife is 10.5 cm;

Depending on where you measure from, I find it to be closer to 11cm, with a blade of about 8.2mm.  It’s a fairly large knife.   Also, it’s about 1.6cm wide, or 2cm exactly including clip.

Here it’s compared to an orange Spyderco Dragonfly 2.  Not that they’re really similar class knives, but maybe you already know the size of that knife, and this will help you get a better idea.  Certainly you can see the difference in oranges here.  I like the Dragonfly 2 orange a lot.  The scale material is also different between the two, which I’d imagine plays a role in the difference in coloration, too.

Steel / Cut / Oats

The blade is 440C steel, and is probably the sharpest review knife I’ve had to date.  Seriously this thing cuts.

I also absolutely love this blade shape.  What I’d love is this same knife (or nearly so) in a 2.5″ (or less) blade.  I’ve always wanted a small Axis knife. 🙂


Sorry to say I don’t have a coupon for this knife.  But I can say that buying it at GearBest will help me get more review items, and coupons too!  I’ll check about a coupon for this knife, too.

It’s already on sale for $10.48, so at that price it’s fairly hard to beat, honestly.


  • sent this knife to me at no cost for the purpose of this review.  I was not paid to write this review.

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