Rainbow Spinner from BangGood Review


I’d asked BangGood to send some spinners my way a while back and basically forgot.  Then I got one I wasn’t actually too excited about, which caused me to not look forward to this one.  Boy was I wrong.  This thing is ridiculously fantastic.  Read for more!!

Official Specs

Short Review

I can’t tell you how much I like this spinner.  I like almost everything about it, and wow does it spin.

Long Review


This one comes in the “nicest” case I’ve seen from these Chinese sites – it arrived in a nice little carry pouch, which not only protects the spinner very well, but also has a pocket for some accessories.  And surprisingly there are actually accessories included:  A tiny screwdriver, and an extra bearing!!

The pouch is a clamshell soft pouch with a zipper reaching nearly all the way around.  Very good as a travel pouch!


Of course this spinner is stunning – you can tell it by the pictures.  But in person it’s just as stunning.  The thing is ridiculously shiny and….iridescent.  Well not quite officially iridescent, but the coloring is fantastic.  In fact it’s the same coloration as on the Lumintop Elfin, (of which I will have a review soon in the next day or so.)  That’s described as “electroplated” stainless steel – I’d guess this spinner is the same thing.  Their finishes really look exactly the same!



The spinner is the tri-blade variety.  Each of the wings has an insert of what is probably stainless steel, though it’s hard to say.  In any case, the wings aren’t filled with extra bearings or metal balls or anything.  Just big metal discs.  It’s probably this weight that helps with the great spin times!


The finger caps are actual brass, and don’t match the spinner all that well.  But generally those will be covered during use.  I’d love to see another version that has matching caps.  That said, matching caps might get a bit slippy after some use, due to perspiration etc.


Smooth all the way around.  One of the things I like about this spinner is that there isn’t an edge that really hurts if and when it hits your fingers.  Everything is very rounded over, and smooth.  Even the tri-blade inserts are domed, and smooth, and pleasant to tough when stopping the spinner or whatever.

The spinner is very shiny and very smooth.  I haven’t had a problem with dropping it but let me tell you… it’s slick.

But it’s slick in a good way – an unusual way.  I don’t know precisely how to describe it but whatever it is makes me absolutely love this spinner.

Bearing / Spin Times




I did some spintime tests and the results are as follows:

Spin Time (m:s)
1 (table top) 7:32.65
2 (table top) 7:49.46
3 (table top) 7:39.58
4 (table top) 8:17.97


Maintenance / Disassembly

The finger caps unscrew as with most quality spinners.  Under this, and in order to get to the bearing, are some Philips screws.  Fortunately this spinner is supplied with a Philips driver, so you don’t even have to have one of your own.  And there’s a spare bearing, should you need that, too.

The bearing itself is an r188 sized, caged variety fully stainless steel bearing.  It’s also far and away the quietest bearing I’ve spun.



Sorry for the sketch/skew on this photo.  Couldn’t get it just right.

Parting Shot

Some say it’s still spinning to this day!



  • I received this spinner from BangGood.com at no cost in order to perform this review.  I was not paid for this review.

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