Nitecore F2 18650 Charger Review

The follow-up to the popular Nitecore F1 charger, this is the F2! Very similar to the F1, it has twice the number of bays, and almost twice the ports! Is it twice as good!?


Nitecore SRT9 Flashlight Review

I think Nitecore picked up on how much I liked the SRT7GT, and so they sent out this SRT9 as well.  I still like the selector ring, and I'm glad to put the SRT9 through the paces.

Rofis TR18 Flashlight Review

Before the TR10 review, I had only just heard of the Rofis brand, but I was impressed by the features.  GearBest sent this out to me after the review of the TR10.  A lot of this review will be just like the TR10 review (I'd intended to do the reviews together, but didn't get the lights at the same time): please forgive that.  These lights are very similar indeed.

Imalent DN70 Flashlight Review

I've had mixed results with Imalent - I reviewed a capacitive switch light of theirs a while back that I really didn't care for.  I think they've improved it with this light, so I'm excited to put this Imalent DN70 through it's paces.  

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