Ganzo G743 – 2 Flipper/Folding Knife Review


Here’s a Ganzo knife that arrived by surprise.  I’d seen this model at, and I found it interesting.  My friend u/tebeve has one and likes it quite a bit.

Official Specs


There are three versions of this knife, differing in handle color.  Otherwise they’re all the same.  There are two different blade finishes too, (available in all scale colors): Stonewash (seen here) and ground.  There are even two wood scale versions (available in each blade type, too.)

Package and manual

A more or less typical Ganzo package:  a slip fit box with some light branding, and a Gearbest inventory sticker.  It’s a fine package and the knife is protected well.

There is actually a manual included but it doesn’t say much that a regular knife user wouldn’t already know.  And to be honest it’s more of just a warranty card and a little bit of knife info, than an actual manual.


The G743 does look quite nice.  The scales are G10 and have some texture.  But the whole scale isn’t G10 – part of the handle is made up of metal.  It’s a very nice look.


The clip has nice appointment too, with it’s large split design.  20170526-IMG_1492

The look of the blade can be a bit aggressive.  It’s very pointy.  And the blade isn’t short – it’s something to think about.


Open / Close / Lock

This is a flipper, so of course it has a tab for which to flip the blade into the open position.  unfortunately for me with this knife, that was not possible.  I’m decently adept at flipping knives open, and this one – while smooth – did not ever, once, open all the way.  I even adjusted the pivot screw a little (something I’m by no means an expert at) and still couldn’t get this knife to flip.

That said, as stated above, u/tebeve has and loves this knife, and doesn’t seem to have any issue with the flipping at all.  So it could be I’m just bad at it, or maybe I got a bad unit, or maybe it just needs touching up.

Now, the actual opening of the knife (which I do half by flipping and half by the thumbstud), is very nice.   It’s quite smooth, and the lockup is very secure and snug – with quite a nice sound to accompany.

Locking is by means of a frame lock.  The frame lock release isn’t sharp, and is quite comfortable to actuate.  Very much like on the Harnds Talisman, if you’re familiar with that knife.  It also doesn’t require a ton of force.

Build and Feel

The quality of this knife is high.  The flipping issue notwithstanding, the knife otherwise is very well built. My review sample blade is slightly off center – a fact possibly coupled with the lack of flippability?  Hard to say.

Everything about the knife feels very solid.  Lockup, action, even the scales, feel great.  I love the stonewash look, and I think the stonewash blade matches the stonewash scales very well.

The knife is also comfortable in hand, though I can say I’ve handled more comfortable knives.  As a right handed user, my thumb ends up on the flat side of the knife, with the clip into my fingers.


Closed, the knife is 4.5″.  The blade is ~3.25″, so opened.  That makes the knife right at 8″ opened.


Steel / Cut / Oats

Ganzo claims this to be a 440C steel blade, and as usual I have no way to confirm or deny this claim.  I won’t dispute this claim either.  I can say that the blade is highly magnetic, a property of 440C, but that certainly isn’t specific to 440C.

can say that the blade has held it’s edge well, and is incredible for box opening and sharpening pencils and the like.  It was also very sharp out of the box.



A clip is included and installed.  It’s also very specific, as it can be installed in only one place (where it is installed).  This is a tip-down carry.

It’s a good clip, too.  Deep carry which is a huge plus in my book, and it has a neat split in the center which allows access to the pivot screw without having to remove the clip.  (Though, this access “hole” puts the pivot screw off-center in the “window” – this is not a big deal whatsoever, but it looks like these should line up.)

There’s also the velour pouch, which no one anywhere will ever use.  It holds the knife, though.  So there’s that.



  • sent me this knife for review.  I was not paid to write this review.
  • This review originally appeared at  For best formatting effect, head over there!

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