Nitecore TM38, Tiny Monster! Flashlight Review

I have pestered company after company to send a "big" light for review for quite a while now.  The awesome guys over at agreed to send me this Nitecore TM38, the Tiny Monster!  I'm extremely pleased to have it, and send thanks out to!!  Read on for more specs and data points!

Armytek Elf C2 Headlamp Review

Before receiving this Armytek Elf C2, I'd literally never laid my hands on an Armytek light.  I was always curious about them but for this reason or that, just never had one.  Well Marshall over at Going Gear was kind enough to oblige my request for the Elf C2, and here's my chance to see what they're all about!!

HX Outdoor EDC Gear D-153 Folding Knife Review

Recently I received a bunch of knives from GearBest.  When going through them, I saw this one and thought "oh, that one's going to be junky."  Well, once I started actually using it, I can say that was extremely pleasantly surprised, and it's my favorite of the bunch so far!!  Read on for thoughts, and photos.

Favour T1921 / T2042 / T2117 / T222 Flashlights Review

I got a bit of a cold call from a company called "Favour."  I honestly hadn't heard of them but they wanted to send out some of their very newest (and unannounced) offerings.  They have the press to be good lights, so I was interested in seeing them.  The first three, The T1921, T2042, and T2117 - all zoomie lights. And there's one more in this review, the T2222.  

Olight HS2 Headlamp Review

After [forever] of not having a headlamp with a separate battery pack, I got the Olight HS2.  I didn't really think I'd like this setup (hence me never having one in decades of having lights).  I wasn't sure how I'd like this light....

LTE LIGHTING EVEN LED Flood Light, LTE 50W Security Light

This is the second light from an amazon seller, LTE Lighting EVEN.  The first, I reviewed already - the Zoomie.  I wasn't a huge fan of that one, but on the surface this light looks much better.... even though it's not a flashlight.  I won't evaluate it like I would a flashlight, but that's the direction I'll come from.  It's intended as a flood light.  

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