Sanrenmu LAND 9103 Frame Lock Folding Pocket Knife Review


I’ve had great experiences with Sanrenmu, so I look forward to getting new models.  GearBest obliged with this request – a ‘big brother’ to a model I reviewed (and loved) recently. This is the Sanrenmu Land 9103.

Official Specs


The listing I see is for just this one model, but Sanrenmu typically puts out a few scale options, and a couple of blade finish options too.  So maybe if you like the knife but not the look, wait around and see what comes out.  But for now, it’s just this model.


As usual, the Land comes in a very small cardboard box, with little packaging inside.  The knife arrived to me in perfect shape though (in an outer shipping box).  GearBest puts their inventory sticker on the box.  It obscures nothing, since the box is otherwise unlabeled.


As you can clearly see, this is a great looking knife.  It’s very much like a Chris Reeves Sebenza (most similar to the large, but I don’t believe they’re exactly the same size).  I happen to love the look of the Sebenza, and by extension, love the look of this Sanrenmu.

There are blue accents throughout.  The body is fully metal.  Metal blade (duh), metal scales, metal everything.  The blade, scales and clip are all shiny metal, but not really reflective.  This is a very fetching knife.

Note the blue thumbstud, and the blue lanyard hole.  There’s a thumbstud on both sides of the knife, making it more or less ambidextrous.



Open / Close / Lock

The knife opens with the blue thumbstud.  Ideally this could be flicked open very simply (and on my smaller Sanrenmu’s like the 910, I can do this with no problem at all.)  However on this 9103, I am not able to flick the knife open with one hand.  If I use both hands, I can flick it open.  There seems to be a large amount of energy needed to fling the blade over the crest of rest, to get it swinging.

The 9103 is a frame lock, and has a very solid lockup.  It ‘thunks’ open very resoundingly.  The frame lock has some groves, that make actuation very easy, even with one hand.  Closing the knife also ends with a resounding thunk, confirming closure positively.


Build and Feel

This knife is very well built, and is very sturdy.  It does have a bit of a “big gentleman’s folder” look but I believe it can also take a fair amount of abuse.  The spine is rounded so you might not split wood with it (ie, not a good flat surface for banging against), but the spine is also around 3mm thick.  The blade also has some jimping – the body/scales do not.

The blade on my sample is centered well.


This is not a small knife.  It is fairly thin, however, so it carries very well.  And with smooth scales, it comes in and out of a pocket very readily.

Steel / Cut / Oats

The claimed steel is 12C27.  I have no way to test it and no way to know past what is claimed.  From my little knowledge, 12C27 isn’t a particularly expensive steel.  With a high chromium content (12%), it should be easy to sharpen.  My test unit came very sharp.


There is a single screw wide mouth stainless steel reversible pocket clip on this knife.  It affords only tip-up carry.  It’s a very nice clip, allowing easy removal but firm holding.  The clip has only one screw, but is held in place on the body by a small cutout.



I don’t always love large knives, but I really like this one.  I don’t know if it’ll scratch that Sebenza itch for you, but if you’re curious if you’d like the size of a large Sebeneza, this would probably be a good way to find out for cheap.  Aside from those associations, this is a nice knife, and cuts well.  I can recommend it.

Up Next

I have a bunch more knives to review, but I’m going to be doing a review of the Emisar D4 next.  Then probably the Armytek Elf C2.


  • This knife was provided by GearBest for review. I was not paid to write this review.
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  • Whether or not I have a coupon for this knife, I do have a bunch of coupons!!  Have a look at my spreadsheet for those coupons.

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