Ganzo G8012-OR Fixed blade “Survival Knife” Review


I’ve been asking GearBest for a fixed blade knife for a while (they have one I’d really love to see!) – they sent this survival knife.  This is a big knife, and has a lot of accessories in the case.  Read on for some thoughts and photos!

Official Specs

Main Features:
– 7Cr17Mov stainless steel blade and ABS handle
– Portable multi-use sheath with knife sharper and rope cutter
– Lanyard hole on the anti-slip handle, convenient to carry
– Lightweight and compact size


This knife is available in four different handle colors.  All the blades are finished with a black coating, however.  They don’t have any other differences than handle (and accent) color.


This big knife comes in a not-much-bigger cardboard box.  The knife is in a cardboard tray, and is inside a plastic bag, too.  It’s a pretty nice package, with a little printing on the box.  And of course, GearBest’s inventory sticker (which, in this case, covers nothing important.)

It’s probably worth noting that the sheath protects the knife very well anyway, so the package doesn’t have to be particularly robust.


While there’s a lot going on with this knife and sheath, and it’s a large knife, it does not have a terribly aggressive look.  It really has a very “camping” knife look, not a “gonna murder you” look.  Which is great because I love to confuse people.

Wait what?  Anyway, moving on….

I’m pleased to have received the orange version.  Orange and black is my jam.  Just look at the ratios here:  This knife is over half blade!!



The sheath this knife lives in is made for a belt.  There’s a loop to put the belt through.  While one isn’t included, there is a loop at the bottom of the sheath that would allow tying the lower part of the sheath around one’s leg, so it won’t bounce when chasing things.

The case has other features, too.  Note that the accent color of the sheath matches the accent color of the knife.  There’s a built in cord cutter.  There’s a built in blade sharpener (though, it’s quite coarse).  There’s also a built in velcro latch for securing the knife into the holster.  (This is removable.)  The back of the blade inexplicably has a ground/uncoated spot on the back. Actually, this bare spot is very likely for use as a fire starting strike pad.

Build and Feel

This Ganzo is well built and very sturdy.  The blade is quite thick, and the handle is grippy and secure.  The blade is not full tang, but it’s close.  The metal does extend to the end of the handle, but it’s not the full thickness of the handle.


That big ol beefy blade is excellent.


Officially: 24.5cm long, with a 10.5cm blade.  It’s a large knife, that you’ll want to carry in the included sheath.  The blade is quite thick, too.

Steel / Cut / Oats

Ganzo says this knife has 7Cr17Mov.  It came to me very sharp, and the tip as you can see below, is well centered.


The blade has a nice even sharpened area on both sides of the blade.

Up Next

Next I have a couple of lights, and a bunch of the Fura brand knives!


  • This knife was provided by GearBest for review. I was not paid to write this review.
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  • Whether or not I have a coupon for this knife, I do have a bunch of coupons!!  Have a look at my spreadsheet for those coupons.


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