Four Fura Knives Review.


A while back I received a bunch of knives from GearBest for review.  I’ve carried them and am finally getting to this review.  I’ve been delaying because quite frankly I don’t love all of them.  In any case, here are my thoughts (and photos!)

Official Specs

To the best of my ability to search, I can’t find an official Fura website.  I’ve linked the knives individually below.

Package and manual

All four of these knives are in basically the same packaging.  Each is in a plastic zip top baggie, in a tin which has a window, and all of that is in a plastic bag with a clear front.

Each baggie has a GearBest inventory sticker, too.

There is no manual with any of these items.


There are some very unique looking knives in this list.  Or at least, interesting looking, as they aren’t “unique” (since they’re clones).  Each of these is available in one or two colors, and they’re all small.  As a result, even the most pointy one is not intimidating.

Build and Feel

For the most part, these knives feel a little cheap.  Not just inexpensive – they are that.  But also, particularly with the rectangle two, they don’t feel very enjoyable to use.

On the other hand, the golden colored one was very pleasant to use, and feels quality.  It’s easy to open, smooth, and quite a useful blade shape.

The “bean clone” (second from left) is not as nice as the other two bean clones I have, and I’d pick those over this version.

Per Model Photos

FURA Folding Knife

FURA AUS – 8 Steel Blade Pocket Liner Lock Folding Knife

This model is quite difficult to open, even though there’s an exposed thumb stud.  The blade just has such a small rotation axis….  Still a fun box-opening knife.

FURA S35VN Steel Blade Portable Frame Lock Folding Knife

Far and away my favorite of the bunch.  I carried and used this one a lot and probably still will after this review is finished.  The blade is such a useful shape, and it’s easy to open.  I never did get the hang of flipping it properly, but it wasn’t difficult to open anyway.

FURA Mini Folding Knife

This is an interesting little design.  You’ll notice that when closed, there’s really nowhere to access the blade with one’s fingers.  I found that the little hook, which is at the top/back of the blade, had to be dragged across a surface in order to get the blade to come out.  Not useful in my opinion.

However the blade shape here is quite interesting, since it can be used to push like a razor blade.  IE the front of the blade is fully exposed, and the handle won’t get in the way.  It can be used for scraping.


All of these are small knives.  I kept them in my coin pocket (not at the same time 😛 ).

Steel / Cut / Oats

Four knives here, and three steels.  And in all fairness and honesty, I can’t test the steel anyway, so anything I say about the steels should be taken with a grain of salt. I’ve been satisfied with each of these knife’s ability to keep an edge, and there hasn’t been any issue otherwise.  Since these are clones anyway, I wouldn’t expect the edge to be perfect, or the steel to be necessarily as claimed.  But I’ve been happy for my use case (basically, opening boxes.)


There’s actually nothing for retaining any of these knives.  No pocket clips or pouches.  The tin they ship in could be used, but it’s a bit big and the knife would rattle badly in it.

I found that these knives generally fit well in a coin pocket anyway.  Even the largest of the bunch (the golden one) lived happily in my coin pocket.

Up Next

I’m mostly in the “working on” stage at the moment, but before long I’ll have the SkyRC Imax B6 Mini, a Sofirn C8F, and possibly the BLF Q8 (I have, just not sure if I’ll review it).


  • These knives were provided by GearBest for review. I was not paid to write this review.
  • This content originally appeared at  Please visit there for the best experience!
  • Whether or not I have a coupon for this knife, I do have a bunch of coupons!!  Have a look at my spreadsheet for those coupons.  Note I’ve upgraded that sheet so that now, you may subscribe and get notifications when the sheet is edited!!

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