DQG Tiny 4th Flashlight Review

I happen to love reviewing DQG flashlights. I've reviewed a bunch, and while they aren't always the best quality, they are often special on some way. This is no different. Read on to see where why!!


Imalent DX80 Flashlight Review

I've liked Imalent lights lately, and they seem to be getting better and better.  I finally swindled someone out of this big beast, and here are my photos and thoughts!  

Xtar VC2 Plus Master Charger Review

It's been a while since I reviewed anything for Xtar.  I like Xtar items.  They're typically solid workhorses - not always the most flashy items.  Xtar sent over this VC2 Plus Master charger, and I've been testing it for a while.  Read on!

Skilhunt S2 Pro and S3 Pro Flashlight Review

It should be well known by this point that I am a fan of Skilhunt.  I've been a huge fan of the H03, and that's just fostered a favor toward the brand.  I've been asking over and over to get some other Skilhunt lights from Gearbest, and finally they obliged me by sending this S2 Pro and S3 Pro.  Both are form factors I already know I like (like the Nitecore P30) but add on-board charging to the mix.  Let's see how they fare!!

Sofirn C8F Flashlight Review

Sofirn sent out a bunch of messages recently asking for reviewers. I was one of the recipients, and I agreed to review this C8 variant, the C8F. It’s a C8, yes, but a triple! I was interested. I like a triple. 🙂

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