Backnife EDC Ceramic Micro Knife


Phil from the Kickstarter program for the Backnife sent me a message that he’d like to send one of his products out for a look.  I have been interested in ceramic knives for a while, so I said sure!  A ceramic box cutter, neat!


Official Specs

That’s a link to the Kickstarter, where this knife is available.


There’s only one version!

Package and manual

My Backnife arrived in an envelope, glued to a letter.  I expect there will be some real packaging for the retail units, but honestly this is good enough.  Keep shipping cost down, and probably gets to you faster (maybe, I actually don’t know that).

There is no manual of course; it’s a ceramic knife in a plastic sleeve.  If you need a manual to operate this, then you probably shouldn’t be operating this.

What’s Included



The Backnife as a nice look – white (or “ivory”) blade in a red housing.  It’s bright and easy to spot.  Orange would clearly have been a vastly superior choice.

Open / Close / Lock

Opening this unit is as simple as sliding the blade out from the housing (“closed”) to the open position where the divots in the blade reach the springy bit of plastic in the housing.  In my use I found that these parts don’t always really hold all that securely, so I made a habit of holding the blade in place with my thumb while cutting.  This worked fairly well, and I still have all of all my fingers.

Build and Feel

This is a very slim unit.  Very easy to carry and forget about.  One of my primary knives has long been a box cutter very similar to this, which uses rectangular blades (not these angled ones).  Those disappear for me in the pocket, and this Backnife even more so.



The quality of build is fairly good.  I used the knife a lot, and it seems to me that the blade cuts into the plastic housing, and so over time the area that the blade is supposed to live in, gets bigger.  This is why the lock doesn’t work as well – over time the lock weakens, because the knife has cut it’s way down through the housing.

In hand and in use the knife feels practically like you’re holding a razor blade directly.  The housing is small.




Steel / Cut / Oats

My normal reviews included this section; I’ll leave it…. This blade isn’t steel at all.  This blade is ceramic.  I have to say this blade arrives very sharp.  I can’t think of sharper.  I’ve used it for some rough tasks lately (opening bags of mulch) and it stays sharp.


I forgot to take many photos of it this way, but the blade does come out completely, easily, if you wish to push it that far (as seen in the photo at the top).  This makes replacing the blade very simple.  I wonder if the housing will wear out first, though.  We shall see.

The cut is very good as you’d expect from this type blade and profile.  Absolutely fantastic for opening boxes.




There is included a chain – in fact this is the only metal on the knife.  This is one of those little knob chains, which disconnects from itself and reattaches to itself easily.


Up Next

Monday I look to be finishing the SkyRC MC3000 (hopefully!), and then I have a Fenix light and some Olights to review.


  • This knife was provided by Backnife for review. I was not paid to write this review.
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