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This is the second vacuum I’ve reviewed from GearBest.  (Ok, ok the other was reviewed by my lovely wife, with much help from me.)  Anyway I decided to run the show on this one.  This is a handheld Dyson-like vortex/canister vacuum.

Yes this is a bit of a departure from my normal posts here.  I believe I’ll start using Thursday as my one-off reviews.  Like vacuums!!

Official Specs and Features:

– Size: 120*20*15cm
– Weight: 1.16kg
– Power voltage:22.2v
– Battery capacity: Li-ion 2200mAh
– Working time: 20-30min
– Charging time: 5h
– Rated power: 120w
– Suction: 5.2kpa
– Cable length:Wireless
– Working noise: <72dB

The above specifications and claims are made by the manufacturer, and are not my thoughts or impressions about the unit.


There is only one version of this vacuum.  There are two packages, though – one has a mopping attachment, and one does not.


I have to basically go from the GearBest price for this item, and it’s around $100 for no mop, and $125 for the mop version.

Short Review

I can’t overstate how much we’ve liked this vacuum in my household.  It works well, holds a charge much longer than we need it, and picks up things we used to have to sweep.  It’s been a huge time and effort saver.

Long Review:

What’s Included

  • Dibea F6 Vacuum hand unit
  • Extension tube
  • Powered brush with suction
  • Nozzle with brush extension
  • Mopping pads (2)
  • Mopping head
  • Power adapter (with 110V adapter)


Package and Manual

The shipping box for this vacuum is nicely printed cardboard, and not excessively large.  There’s a good photo of the product, but no specs or anything else printed.

I didn’t explore the manual (and now I’ve misplaced it), but the F6 is quite simple to use.  Anything that needs to be opened or dumped, or pushed for operation, is pretty easy to sort out.

All you really might need to know from the manual is what filter is needed for replacing.  (Here are those filters.)

Build Quality and Disassembly

While I haven’t handled the Dyson version of this product (the DC34), I can say that this Dibea has a nice quality build.  I do have a dyson upright vacuum, and the plastic parts are of similar feel and quality.  The parts have great fitment, and snap together appropriately.  Very similar in quality to the Dyson upright.

The Dibea F6 having a replaceable HEPA filter is great, too.

The canister itself is not large, but is easy to empty.  So keeping it empty isn’t too hard.  But like I said, it is small, so it’ll fill up frequently if this is used as your main vacuum or sweeper, and or have dogs or kids.

I was surprised how easy this vacuum is to disassemble.  Most of the parts separate by a thumb latch.  Some of the parts twist apart. At least for general maintenance, this device is very easy to disassemble.


Size is a little ambiguous since there are so many ways to configure this.  Dibea gives these dimensions: 120*20*15cm, weight: 1.16kg.  It’s really light enough to be easily controlled with one hand.


And what’s more, the long extension tube has it’s own grip bar, which makes wielding the vacuum in that configuration much simpler.

User Interface and Operation

Using the F6 is as simple as clicking the trigger.  And it’s a click, not a hold – click for on, and it’ll stay on.  Click for off.  There’s no need to hold the button down.

Also, the beaters on the sweeper attachment are beating if the vacuum is powered.  There’s no “suction only” setting as far as I can tell.  Of course, with the complete lack of weight in the head, these aren’t really “beaters” but more “sweepers” just aiding to flick the debris into the suction area.

Operating any other thing that might need to be opened, or dumped, or changed, is as simple as unlatching, or unclicking a thumb button.  It’s a very straightforward device, and extremely user friendly.


There’s an internal cell – claimed by Dibea to be a 2200mAh Li-ioin (almost certainly  18650 cells).  Likely, there are multiple cells but the device runs at some high voltage.

This battery is charged from a barrel plug on the back of the instrument.  The plug on the actual equipment, is European.  But Dibea provides the US market with an adapter, and this seemed to work just fine.  The wall wart converts to a very high voltage, and fairly low amperage.  (26V, 0.45A).


I have been very impressed with the suction on the F6.  In fact, compared to the roomba-like vacuum we also use – this is much better.  In fact, compared to the upright Dyson also in use in this household…. the Dyson has not been used once since receiving the F6!




To be sure I did not test the mopping function on this vacuum.  I think it’s a joke, and shouldn’t be included, and you should probably buy the option without mopping.  Having said that, using this attachment is a way to get suction without the beater bar.  So just remove the mop pad, and use this as a suction-only attachment.


I’ve essentially covered all the attachments above already.  Here they are together.

Note the long tube, with the handle up near the body part of the vacuum.  There’s a power cable running down the bottom side of that tube, for powering the beater bar.  This does narrow the tube slightly, and is something you’ll want to check from time to time, to be sure this tube isn’t obstructed.


It’s possible to maintain the beater bar, which will get covered in twisted hair if you have any long hair at all in your house.  Fortunately it’s fairly easy to remove and replace, and once out, easy to clean as well.  See photos below describing how to remove and reinstall it.

The pointed attachment has a slide out brush, which operates by a thumb lock.  This is a nice attachment, but could possibly benefit from some length.


What I like

  • The performance really is good.  Suction is great!
  • Plenty of parts included
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to dump the debris container

What I don’t like

  • Low capacity 2200mAh battery
  • No bendy tube attachment.  Would be a good bonus feature.

Up Next:

I hope to wrap the Nitecore TINI by tomorrow, and then a whole bunch more lights next week, too!


  • This vacuum was provided by GearBest for review.  I was not paid to write this review.
  • This content originally appeared at zeroair.wordpress.com.  Please visit there for the best experience!
  • Whether or not I have a coupon for this item, I do have a bunch of coupons!!  Have a look at my spreadsheet for those coupons.  Note I’ve upgraded that sheet so that now, you may subscribe and get notifications when the sheet is edited!!

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