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Another item that CountyComm sent for review!  This is the Brass Embassy Pen, Rev 3 (2018).  I love brass, and it’s just blind luck that the nice folks at CountyComm chose this item for me, and I’m excited to have it!  Read on for more thoughts, and more importantly, photos!!


I’m bringing many of my flashlight related headings over to this pen review.  If you have any topics I should cover in any future pen reviews, please let me know in the comments!

Official Specs and Features


There’s just one version of this pen, but this is the third revision.  This version has been updated with better (for grip) knurling.


Listed on CountyComm at the moment for $89.50.

Short Review

This brass pen is just about everything I could want out of a brass pen.  There’s a load of brass in this pen….  The Fisher Space Pen is a great writer, if quite bold, and fortunately other refill colors and ball sizes are available.  The balance was ever so slightly off for me with my medium sized hand, but I was quite pleased still, with how it writes.

Long Review

What’s Included

  • Brass Embassy Pen
  • Fisher Space Pen (Black, Medium)
  • Tube Vault


Surprisingly this pen shipped in another of CountyComm’s for-sale items – the Tube Vault.  I have always been fairly fascinated by these things.  From what I understand (though not mentioned in the product listing), these are unexpanded 2L soda bottles.  So the plastic is quite thick, and seems extremely tough.  Here’s a video about the process, if you’re interested.



This is a secure package to ship the brass pen in.  It’s not a “presentation style” package.  But it’s secure.


The pen is just a touch too long to fit completely in the Tube Vault.  This is good and bad.  Good because that means the cap will not be screwed down completely and thus sealed – you receive the pen with an essentially unused Tube Vault.  The sealing strip remains.  So you can use it to seal something else later.  It’s a single use seal, and is just like opening a fresh 2L bottle of Dr. Pepper (or your other inferior soda of choice.)  The bad is that the pen ships not sealed from potential oxidization (patina).  Not a real problem for me, but some might not like this.  My pen notably showed no signs of patina anyway, so this wasn’t a problem.  And the pen is just long enough to put a little dent in the cap.  The cap doesn’t break, so again, not a real problem.


The tube is roughly the size of a Convoy S2+.  But the Convoy will not fit inside the tube.


Build Quality and Disassembly

This pen is superbly built, and all the meeting parts do so very precisely.  As far as pens go, this is probably fairly simple.



The outside has ample knurling (and according to specs, this is upgraded knurling).

Both ends of the closed pen are perfectly rounded, and well finished.  Not reflective, but the machine marks are very smoothed out.

Inside, the knurling is the same as on the body of the pen.  Diamond pattern, and quite grippy (without being aggressive.)  The knurling is a little high on the barrel for me, but that didn’t actually ever hinder writing with the pen.

Also see from this photo that the pen has an individual serial number, and also the CountyComm Government Contract Number.



Here’s disassembly of the pen.  “Disassembly” sounds a bit aggressive, since these teardowns are just what would be required if changing the ink refill.  There is not the least bit of slop in the threads (even though they’re triangle cut), and when things are tightened down, there’s a very specific firmness to their closure.



In Freedom Units, the Embassy Brass Pen is 5.25″ inches by .50″ diameter.


Longer than a Convoy S2+.


I’ll say this here for lack of a better place to put it.  The pen is quite thick in some areas – particularly the extremities.  Where the clip screws in needs to be thick, of course, but there’s a lot of material past that, which adds a good bit of weight.  This isn’t a problem during writing, because the cap is off (and can’t be stored on the body while writing.)  The tail end thickness is a bit of a problem for smaller hands, because the weight must be moved around a lot while writing, and can cantilever the pen in a cumbersome way, in the hand.  This wasn’t a huge problem, but this basically becomes my “Signing Laws” pen, and not my day-to-day pen because of that.


A stainless steel pocket clip is installed.  The clip is appropriately springy, but has a fairly small mouth.  I typically had to assist the clip open so that it’d open to slide over my [blue jean] pocket.  The clip is removable by unscrewing two Torx screws.



Included with purchase is a single ink.  It’s a Fisher Space Pen pressurized cartridge SPR4.  Medium, Black.  Since this refill is interchangeable with many Space Pen refills, this isn’t strictly a “Writing review.”  Just know that if you don’t like the Medium of this, there are many other options.  It’s easy to change, too.  Just unscrew the body from the tip, and drop the refill in.



All of that said, it’d be completely wrong to not have any writing sample from the pen, right?  Write?!?!

2018-05-15 07.36.41 (1).png

I’ve included the Embassy Brass on a number of surfaces, and also included the completely custom 0.5mm pen I normally use.

I have to say that the Fisher Space Pen is super smooth, and I literally can not think of one single time that it skilled during the whole time I used it.  It’s a great writing utensil.  Unfortunately the Fine on the FSP is still bolder than I really love, and the heavy brass pen doesn’t lend itself to a very fine point anyway.


What I like

  • I just love some brass!
  • Accepts a ubiquitous refill
  • Many refill options; color and ball size both
  • Knurling is grippy without being aggressive.  And is diamond pattern, which is superior to all other patterns.

What I don’t like

  • Slightly unbalanced in a smaller hand.
  • Fisher Space Pens don’t offer a Fine enough tip for my taste

Parting Shot


Up Next

I’m aiming to have another flashlight this week.  Maybe 2?  We shall see!  I have a been working on my second How Do I… post as well!  May be next week for that one.  It’s one I’m very excited about!!


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