Sanrenmu S611-4 Fixed Blade EDC Tactical Knife


An aliexpress store recently got in touch regarding some Sanrenmu knives.  I typically like these knives (I’ve reviewed a few.)  So I said sure!  And that leads us to today, with the fixed blade S611-4.  In orange!!

Official Specs


There are three scale color options; black, blue, and orange.  Otherwise, these are all the same knife.


This fine knife weighs in at around $28.  Here’s a link to the store which sent me the knife for review, and has the knife at about the same price as anywhere else.

Package and manual

The box is a printed cardboard affair, with a bit of text on the back.

The knife is in it’s sheath, in a bubble pouch, inside the box.


There is no manual included.


I’ll be honest, when I said “yes” to this knife I didn’t have high hopes.  But in person, I really find it quite stunning.  The scales are a very good muted orange.  The blade has a nice stonewash finish.  The screwws are polished and add a nice accent.

Overall, just a very nice looking knife.

Open / Close / Lock

I’ll leave this heading, since it’s in all my knife reviews.  However, this knife is a fixed blade, and so doesn’t open or close, or have a lock.

That said, the sheath does give it a bit of “open/close/lock”, since it’s possible to put the blade away into the sheath.  The knife “locks” into the sheath with a positive click and will absolutely not fall out.  Minimal force is required to remove the knife, too.  When in the sheath, the blade is of course fully covered.

Build and Feel

Covered this a bit above in the Look section, but as far as feel, this knife feels wonderful.  The matte finish on the scales make it plenty grippy without being specific.  What I mean is, there are no finger indention cutouts, making the knife specific to one hand size.


The screws holding the scales on are rock solid.  Removable with Torx, too.


One thing that adds to the sturdy feel of this blade is that it’s a full tang.  The tang even includes a loop (seen above) for a lanyard!


There’s a bit of jimping in the normal place for thumb contact.  It’s good.  Not sharp, but grippy.


The handles are G10.


Officially 19 x 2.48 x 1.16 cm.  The Blade length is 9.5 cm.

I’ve read reports that the knife is smaller than it looks, or that the handle is too short etc.  For my use (admittedly small hands), the handle is a great size, and if anything the blade it longer than I really want.

Steel / Cut / Oats

The steel is 8Cr14MoV.  Here’s a spec sheet that includes this metal.  I don’t know a lot about knife steels, but here’s a good thread on the topic.


Whatever the case, I’ve had a good experience using this for cutting.  Out of the box, it’ll peel paper with the right angle.  But it does need a bit of touching up.


As covered above, the sheath on this knife is very good.  It’s made specifically for this blade shape.

There’s a belt loop, which is on some standoffs, and the loop will rotate.  There are a number of detents, so the knife can be held at a number of angles.

The belt loop may also be reversed, for left-handed carry.  See below, the belt loop.  It’s possible to remove the sheath from the belt, but at the same time, the sheath is very secure on the belt.  Also note how tall the standoffs are.  Despite the look, they could easily be 1/2 or 1/4 the height they are – the bumped out parts would clear the mouth completely.  And that’s my complaint about the sheath.  It’s much too bulky.  It’s fantastic, but puts the knife much much too far from the body.


The other way to carry this knife is the lanyard attachment point.  You’d still need a sheath, but if you were using the sheath without the belt clip as a neck knife or something, the lanyard would be good backup carry.


Up Next

I hope to have another flashlight tomorrow – probably a very cool JETBeam!  I’m working on another XTAR charger, but that might get rolled into next week.  Lots of work left on that one!


  • This knife was provided by SANRENMU Kechan Store on Aliexpress for review. I was not paid to write this review.
  • This content originally appeared at  Please visit there for the best experience!
  • Whether or not I have a coupon for this knife, I do have a bunch of coupons!!  Have a look at my spreadsheet for those coupons.  Note I’ve upgraded that sheet so that now, you may subscribe and get notifications when the sheet is edited!!

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