Sanrenmu 604 Liner Lock Folding Knife Review


This one just showed up from GearBest one day.  I am not a fan of Tanto style blades, but I’ll still put down some thoughts about the knife.  I do like a small knife, though!

Official Specs


There are at least three colors of this knife.  Red, Wine, and Green.

Package and manual

The light ships in an easy-open blister pack.


There’s not much useful info on the back, but that serves as the manual.



I happen to really like small knives, and this one fits the bill.  I like the G10 scales – the color is great.  As for the Tanto – I don’t even like the look of that.  🙂  But I’m not a tanto guy.


The clip is very simple but looks good.


Open / Close / Lock

The knife opens by means of a small thumbstud.  The stud is only one side, which makes this a very right-handed knife.  The stud is screwed in though, and I believe can be unscrewed with pliers or an allen key (I couldn’t find the right, small size).


This is a liner lock knife, so once open, the lock snaps into place.  I found the lockup to be sturdy, and never released on me unintentionally.

Closing is easy, and the build allows easy access to the liner lock for unlocking and folding the knife closed.

Build and Feel

I like the feel of G10 scales.  The edges are nicely finished, but still a little sharp.  It’s a very light knife, but overall feels of a quality commensurate with it’s price.


The tip of the blade is in fact not in the least bit centered.  But this is intentional – one side of the knife is perfectly flat, and one side has the tanto profile.


Officially 13.30 x 1.90 x 1.30 cm.

Steel / Cut / Oats

The blade steel is unlabeled, and claimed as “stainless steel.”  I will say that the blade was quite sharp out of the package, and remains sharp after my use of it.


There’s a pocket clip installed, which affords tip-up carry.  The clip is not reversible.


There’s also a lanyard hole on the tip-end of the knife.

Up Next

My aim is to have an Olight tomorrow.  Next week, I hope to have some bigger (ie harder for me to review) items!  Thanks!  Stay tuned!


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