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Long Review
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Illumn recently released a low cost protected 18650 – an LG MJ1 no less!  I asked for a set for testing, and Illumn agreed.  So here’s my second cell testing!

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Official Specs

Nominal Capacity: 3500 mAh
Minimum Capacity: 3400mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
Discharge End Voltage: 2.5V
Standard Charging Current: 1.7A
Max. Continuous Discharging Current: 8A (due to protection cut-off)
Protection IC: Seiko S8261G2J
Mosfet: AO AO8814 x 2

Short Review

Great cells which perform well, but the protection circuit prevents actual 8A discharge.

Long Review


These cell ship (if you buy sets of 2) in a plastic case inside a cardboard box, with foam to hold the cells securely.

The plastic case that holds two of these cells is a little different than most of the common (cheaper) cases.  This one’s quite nice.  The two tabs that hold it closed are a little hard to snap open.

Build Quality


These cells are nicely put together, with the added protection and extra sleeve.  A nice touch is that the outside (added) shrink wrap is clear, so the original MJ1 green is visible.

An interesting artifact of this is that the metal strip that runs from the top to bottom of the cell (which has to do with the protection circuit) is visible.


Law requires (at least to the best of my knowledge) that cells like these be labeled with the capacity and the like.  This sticker is clear too except the text, which again, is a nice touch.


The clear wrapper (again, did I say the clear wrapper is cool?) allows the protection circuit, which is on the negative end of the cell, to be seen clearly.



At right below, see the metal strip running from negative to positive.



Officially:  68.8mm (L) x 18.7mm (D).


Longer than an unprotected 18650 cell by the length of one button and one protection circuit.



I tested these the same way as I tested the cells in the previous review.  (Another MJ1, but with a different protection circuit).

Discharge tests


I didn’t test these cells higher than 10A because the protection circuit is a 8A circuit.  These cells will discharge at 7A for a few minutes (10-15 minutes) but the protection circuit will eventually trip.  At 10A discharge, the circuit trips immediately.



Again, disregard the 7A test.




Charge test


Power, Constant 10W


Internal Resistance


Graph of internal resistance (IR).  This is shown over the course of a discharge, and comparisons are made between the nearest discharge currents (ie 0.2A vs 0.5A) and also vs disparate discharge currents (0.2A vs 5.0A).

Interestingly I threw these cells in the SkyRC MC3000, and the IR was reported at around 105-120mR. Which is to say that it’s nice to see these very different means of testing IR to match up very precisely.

Spec Sheets

Here’s the spec sheet for the base model of this cell, the LG MJ1.


I like these cells for medium discharge (where medium is 5A or so, and below).  It’s very nice to be able to get these MJ1’s with protection, for a great price ($6.50).

Up Next

Trying to wrap up a Thrunite review for tomorrow.  The TH30!


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