JJRC Q46 Speed Runner RC Car Review

After my previous experience with a remote control car, I wasn't just ready to jump on the bandwagon for another one. But GearBest wanted to send this car.... And it was another by the same brand that broke on me. JJRC. So I was skeptical. This is the JJRC Speed Runner Q46. Spoiler: it's orders of magnitude better than the Q39!!! 

JJRC Q39 Highlander 1:12 RC Desert Truck Review

I'd been quite interested in testing an RC Car, both because it seemed new and interesting, and I just wanted to play with one.  GearBest sent me this JJRC Q39 Dune Buggy to test, and I've been playing with it for quite a while now.  Here's my review!  My first RC review; I'm open to improvement suggestions!

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