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Just a quick note to let you know.  Because I used all the free media storage space here at zeroair.wordpress.com, I just went ahead and bought my own site! Head over to zeroair.org! I'll still be posting reviews and the occasional How Do I series, and I'm going to try to keep up the Fun... Continue Reading →

Anidees Prismatic Wireless RGB Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Review

I like this keyboard as much as I expected to.  It has the comfort of a laptop board (if you find that comfortable; at the very least for me, it's my usual board).  The caps are appropriately labeled with useful labels.  I don't love the very clicky switches, but that's personal preference.  I found the bluetooth to be not quite as reliable as the Anne Pro (which for me works perfectly).  Overall though, I'm quite impressed with the board!

Motospeed CK61 Mechanical Keyboard Review

I have a short history of reviewing keyboards, and a growing collection.  I tend to like smaller boards, and I'm pleased that GearBest sent out this Motospeed CK61 for review.  Here's the review, including teardown and thoughts!  Also, my first box switches!!

Thought you all might like to have a look at the new Thrunite announced just the other day: ThruNite Catapult V6 Mini Thrower Rechargeable Flashlight Cool White I hope to be able to bring you a review of one of these fairly soon! Here's a 20% off coupon, too!  "20%" - must be used before 1st May... Continue Reading →

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