Convoy S9 Flashlight Review

As far as I can tell this is a fairly new release from Simon.  It's the Convoy S9, which is an 18650 light with on-board charging and an indicating side e-switch.  An interesting entry!  I was excited to try it, and GearBest sent one out for review.  

Convoy X3 Flashlight Review

I love getting Convoy lights for review.  Here's another one, (and one I have been asking for), the Convoy X3.  This is a 26650 format small thrower, with cell versatility and a great tint.  Read on for more!

Convoy C8 XPL-HI [U6-3A] Flashlight Review

The Convoy C8 XPL-HI, in the new style host (ie, integrated head), is a light I asked GearBest to send, and they kindly obliged. I am excited to get it and test it and compare it to the other C8 I have on hand to see how they stack up. And this may not be the newest light, but the XPL-HI is still current, and interesting.

Convoy L6 XHP70, The 5000k, 3800 lumen beast! Flashlight Review

Time for the Convoy L6!! Another review light from GearBest! First of all, thanks to GearBest for providing this light. This light is many firsts for me - my first 26650 light, my first dual-cell light, my first real "wall-of-light" light, my first large reflector light.... So I'm excited! As a result of all these firsts, please forgive omissions and whatnot. I'll do my best.

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