Eagle Eye X2R Flashlight Review

This is the third of three lights GearBest recently sent me for review. I've basically been carrying all three of them for almost a month or so. It's a departure from the other two in that it's a tail clicky with on-board charging. Let's see how it stacks up!


Skilhunt DS21 HI Flashlight Review

GearBest sent another flashlight similar to the M6 just reviewed: The Skilhunt DS21. Having just really liked the Skilhunt H03 I was very excited to get and test this one! Thanks to GearBest for sending it for review.

XTAR Moon RC2 Flashlight Review

XTAR recently got in touch with me, and decided to send me this Moon RC2, and a Rocket SV2 charger for a review. The Rocket is upcoming, but here's the Moon for your viewing pleasure! Thanks to XTAR for sending these items for review!!

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